Miami Premises Liability Attorneys

If you wish to obtain the desired compensation from the insurance company or the court, it is imperative to hire a Miami Premises Liability Attorneys.

What is a premise liability case?

Workers, vendors, visitors, or residents at a property can suffer from grievous injuries that include injuries to the spine, brain and neck, limbs, and other parts of the body that can result in fatal results. Broken bones, fractures, paralysis, etc., are all the likely aftermath of such injuries. Not only does it mean that there would be expensive medical bills, but it could also affect your work and earning capacities. You could be off work for days and months, especially if you are not permanently disabled. If the disability is permanent, you can be out of work for years, and there could be an increasing medical bill to take care of. You must get fairly compensated for your losses. That is why it is worth hiring an experienced lawyer who can help you in getting maximum compensation.

The reasons to hire a Miami Premises Liability attorney with a proven track record are:

  1. It is not simple to prove a premise liability case. It would take intricate pieces of evidence against the property owner to ascertain the responsibilities. In such cases, insurance companies act tough and difficult to crack. Property owners too rarely come forward to admit their faults and take the onus of the accident. The property owners’ insurance companies either deny your claim amount or give you peanuts, adding to your miseries.
  2. When you hire an attorney, you communicate to the insurance company and the insurance adjusters about the seriousness of your claim. It gets your viewpoint at a level-playing field, and adjusters cannot tend to take you or your claim lightly.
  3. A seasoned lawyer will first have the case thoroughly investigated. It would mean collecting evidence thoroughly that includes the accident report document, medical records and reports, photographs from the place of incidence, business surveillance tapes, and so on. Being knowledgeable, the attorney will connect you with professionals who have a credible reputation. As this is a crucial part of your claim process, things must be done in the best possible manner.
  4. Speak to witnesses – the attorney will get into action fast, especially when it concerns speaking to witnesses from the accident scene. The faster the statement is recorded, the better it is because witnesses can start to forget crucial pieces of evidence that can hamper your case. The attorney will also hire expert witnesses like specialist physicians, accident reconstruction experts, vocational rehabilitation therapists, economic experts, etc.
  5. In a premise liability case, there could be multiple parties to be blamed. An experienced Miami Premises Liability attorney will have the know-how to identify the concerned parties at fault and ensure that all the responsible parties pay up towards the claim.
  6. An attorney will help estimate the claim’s value based on the evidence, witness record, past medical condition, etc. It is his knowledge and experience that are going to help you get the best possible compensation.
  7. Finally, the lawyer would play a major role in negotiating with the concerned parties and their insurance companies and proactively help file a lawsuit if negotiations fail.


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