car tire deals
car tire deals

Directional tread pattern helps tire to roll in one direction. It has lateral grooves on both sides forming a V Shape, and pointing towards the center of the tire. These grooves help in pumping water through the tread to maintain contact with the road. Directional tread pattern ensures wet traction & hydroplaning resistance ultimately improving stability at high speed.

Let’s discover some facts about directional tire tread patterns:

  • Manufacturers produce tires with directional tread pattern, especially for water evacuation. Since water cannot be compressed, grooves help in evacuating it from contact patch. Grooves are also known as the void area. Thus, the void area has to be big enough to let water drain out.
  • High performance tires’ grooves are inspired by the directional tire pattern. In fact, some of them have tread pattern designed to create turbulence to help in wet traction.
  • Have you ever wondered why all car tires aren’t directional? It’s because these can be noisier than others, and consumers are very much concerned about it. If your car tires are directional as well as asymmetric, these will have a limit with regards to rotation.

Pros of directional tread pattern

Some car owners often go for the directional car tire deals, when it comes choosing the right set of tires. Who wouldn’t want such amazing advantages of having directional tires? So let’s dive in;

Wet Traction

Directional tires ensure great resistance to hydroplaning. The V-shaped tread design pushes water from the grooves as the tire rotates. In fact, it’s much better than standard tread when comes to water evacuation.

There are many other factors that cause hydroplaning apart from the tread pattern. Such as; tire construction type, size, tire loading, tread depth, inflation pressure, water depth and vehicle speed etc.

Better Handling

Handling is one of the most essential elements that must not be overlooked when it comes to driving. Directional tires are so favorable that even most sports cars use it. As we all know, racing cars need high performance and better handling to be on track, and win if lucky enough. Thus, directional tires add up to it.

Are you up for your next race? Go for the directional tires to have better traction and handling at high speeds.

Fuel Efficiency

Regardless of the driving conditions, every car owner wants a fuel efficient drive. With great performance, directional tires provide the best fuel efficiency.

When rotating in one direction, these tires are more efficient. Perhaps that’s the reason why racing tracks have more V-shaped prints on them. As compared to the standard tread patterns, the directional tires are more stylish.

In a nutshell, increased tread depth of grooves has contributed a lot to wet skid resistance. Directional tires are, nowadays, becoming a common design due to their groove’s pattern. In fact, it gives the impression of more aggressive traction capabilities.


Learn more about the facts and pros of directional tire tread patterns in this piece of content.


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