Your office is your second home. In fact, some individuals spend more time at the office than at home. It means that you need to do everything possible to maintain high cleanliness standards in the office to protect yourself, your employees, and your clients.

Typically, a dirty office can make a bad impression on your clients, and for this reason, a professional office cleaning company should be considered.  Every once in a while, you should schedule deep office cleaning to ensure the workplace stays optimally healthy and fresh.

A deep clean is much more comprehensive and time-intensive than regular cleaning.  The process usually involves detailed and demanding cleaning tasks that may not be included in your regular cleaning schedule.

Some of the office areas that require regular deep cleaning include:

1.     Washrooms

Almost all office cleaning services will have washrooms on top of their to-do list, but you need to ask yourself if they are doing everything right.  Most office bathrooms require daily, not weekly, deep cleaning. Most companies will perform regular cleaning of the washrooms and only schedule deep cleaning once a week or month.

Deep cleaning of your bathrooms will most likely focus on the often-neglected areas such as the doors and walls of stalls, walls behind toilets and sinks, the base of toilets, and under the bowl rim.

Keep in mind that the washroom is the most unhygienic area in your office and a breeding ground for a wide range of disease-causing pathogens. Therefore regular deep cleaning of the area is required to keep everyone safe.

2.     Kitchen

Keeping your stomach full all day wouldn’t have been possible if there was no kitchen in the office. However, the great meals you are served come along with awful spills and stains, especially in the kitchen area.

Worse still, your employees will do little to keep the office kitchen clean and tidy because it is a shared space. Since nobody is specifically responsible for cleaning the kitchen, it is always a good decision to consider a professional office cleaning company’s services for disinfecting and to deep clean the dirtiest kitchen spots at least every month.

Kitchen deep cleaning pays close attention to cupboards, refrigerators, and grout.  The cupboards are cleaned inside, outside, back, and front to get rid of all the invisible dirt and dust that may have accumulated in them for some time.

The fridges will also be cleaned inside and outside to ensure they are clean and spotless, same to grouts.  The primary object of deep cleaning the kitchen is to ensure your employees don’t fall sick after consuming contaminated food.

3.     Walls and Flooring

Lastly, you also have to consider your office flooring and walls for regular deep cleaning. Office floors, especially carpets, tend to absorb a lot of dirt. Even though regular cleaning of the floors must be done daily, deep cleaning at least once a month is critical.

The walls are often neglected and will only receive attention once in a while. Most of us don’t know that walls collect a lot of dirt over time because nobody cleans them. The accumulated dirt can make them appear stained or discolored.

Deep cleaning your office walls at least once every month is the best way to avoid spending a lot of money on repainting or repairing stained walls.


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