Personal security guards have become essential for protecting individuals and averting danger situations. They are known for protecting public property and individuals from any potential damage due to burglary and kidnappings etc. Businesses and localities who opt for personal security guards for protecting themselves and their assets from any damage keep in mind specific rules and responsibilities which they are required to deliver at any cost. Moreover, individuals who wish to become personal security guards for protecting precious lives and property must be aware of various responsibilities they are required to perform.

Specific duties and responsibilities which a personal security guard has to perform are listed below:

  • Maintaining physical presence:

A private security guard is required to make himself or herself available at a particular location to prevent any harmful situation from happening. The physical appearance of a security guard helps in reducing the chances of a specific situation from happening like burglary or mob attack. Keeping vigilance of nearby areas and individuals passing through the same can help in preventing the happening of particular circumstances. Moreover, individuals on the lookout of carrying out an activity like theft can change their decisions upon the physical presence of a security guard. Maintenance of constant vigilance and staying alert can help in keeping a particular situation under control.

  • Responsive according to the situation:

Security guards should stay alert at all times. They are required to respond to a particular situation efficiently and even report an impending problem like theft immediately. This means that the security guard should react to a specific situation quickly. Keeping a calm and composed mind and communication of necessary information can help in preventing the situation from happening. He or she must know how to behave in a particular situation or handle a specific situation effectively without causing any ruckus. He or she should able to use moderns weapons like AK 47 to face any dangerous situation.

  • Should possess interpersonal skills:

Security guards are the first to interact with individuals who enter a particular establishment. He or she is required to communicate with different individuals who enter or exit a specific establishment and demand for personal information to be entered into a logbook. Possession of interpersonal skills and communication capabilities are essential for a security guard. Interpersonal skills can help security guards to quickly identify an individual and handle a situation in the best possible manner.

  • Ensuring other individuals follow the rules and regulations:

Security guards are also required to monitor every individual who enters or exits a particular establishment or working place. He or she is required to ensure everyone follows the prescribed rules and regulations. For example, the provision of personal details and wearing individual identification badges, etc. are specific rules which must be followed. He or she, therefore, becomes responsible for ensuring everyone follows prescribed standards by the book.

Personal security guards are therefore required to perform various duties when employed by an individual or a corporate body. Ensuring peace, maintaining law and order, and preventing hazardous situations from happening are specific conventional roles and responsibilities which every security guard has to perform. A security guard is the most critical individual who maintains peace and can help others whenever required.


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