Burncodes: 6 Reasons the websites fail?

In contrast to the widely held belief that simply having a website is sufficient to establish an online presence, a website will be almost worthless unless and until it is expertly created to provide extraordinary business results.

Businesses sometimes ignore the need for good website design in today’s competitive world. Defective websites force them to invest in web design and development afterwards.

In this article, Burncodes has listed six reasons why websites fail to help you avoid making mistakes when designing and developing your website.

6 reasons Websites Fail

Here are the reasons why websites fail by Burncodes:

  • Poor web design

Responsive web design is a vital digital marketing tool. Remember that your website extends your physical store and is not only the first point of contact for customers.

To create an effective web design, visitors must easily navigate from one page to another. Your website should be simple and not require the user to think about next.

  • No CTA

A website without a clear call-to-action (CTA) is useless. A business website cannot generate enough leads or revenues without a functional CTA button.

A good web design presents CTAs prominently on your website to encourage readers to download a brochure, fill out a contact form, or buy a product.

  • Not Marketing Your Site

Lack of promotion is one of the key reasons websites fail (digital marketing). Once your website is live, you must generate traffic to it. The following marketing channels can help:

  • Paid social media ad (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Pay-Per-Click (Google Ads)
  • e-mailing
  • Poor Navigation/Menu

Verify your website’s navigation. The menu should be minimalistic, easy to use, and well labeled. If your website has too many sub-menus, side menus, and dead ends, visitors will become lost and leave.

Prioritize mobile navigation. A majority of people use mobile devices to access websites, so large finger mobile navigation is crucial.

  • Using Unqualified Experts

You may be receiving a horrible bargain if you don’t hire pros. Cheap websites usually aren’t the ideal answer for your business, and you’ll realize this after a few months.

You probably know this from your own industry. But what about enterprises that give substandard services? You know they’re going to cut corners or not deliver exceptional service, but what about after-care?

Using a pro will help your website project succeed. The design will be perfect and developed with technical SEO in mind. If you wish to invest in digital marketing, you can reduce future effort by doing this.

  • Out-of-date Content

Your site needs a content strategy. Your material must address your audience’s needs. The content should excite the visitor and not be a hard sell. Testimonials and social evidence are required in the content. The material should offer the visitor something valuable for free in exchange for an email subscription. Giving anything away for free is a great way to develop trust.


Understanding the most common reasons why company websites fail with Burncodes is the first step to reversing the problem. Most websites fail when not updated regularly. Now that you know what influences your website, it’s time to change them.

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