Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Choose Amazing Mirror Designs For Your House

If you have ever been a part of an interior design project or recently done up your house, you will realize the importance of mirrors and the right placement within the different parts of the room. One of the most vital things people, especially youngsters, keep in mind while giving their ideas for their rooms is the mirrors. How else would they be able to click perfectly Instagrammable pictures?! Mirrors are important not only for amazing clicks but also as they help bring out a reflection of you. They bring about an element of wholeness and truly complete the ambiance and interior décor of the room.Any room in a house would be equipped with wall mirrors. Now, these mirrors on the wall also add a beautiful and decorative element to the room.

Wall mirror designs for the room –

  • Venus Wall Mirror –This design is in a stunning teak finish as the sturdy wooden frame surrounds the rectangular mirror on all sides. It can be placed at the entrance of the room or also near the cupboards.
  • Gatsby Dual Mirror –With a burgundy finish, these are dual mirrors that may require a slightly larger space to place. They also have a decorative plate under them to enhance the charm. Place them behind the bed or against a dark background for a full effect.

While the placement of a wall mirror is important, it is equally vital for the bathroom mirrors to look good and classy. Every bathroom in a house usually has a mirror.

Bathroom mirror designs to bring out the best –

  • Danica Bathroom Mirror –A simple and plain oval-shaped mirror that is elongated in length can be placed well over the washbasin for a full effect. Get ready for your day in peace with a complete look before you leave the house.
  • Finola Bathroom Mirror –This is a horizontally elongated rectangle-shaped mirror that will give you a wide view and a classy feel once placed in the bathroom. While it can be used well for functional purposes, it is also a superb element for décor in the bathroom.
  • Cordelia Bathroom Mirror – If you are someone who prefers to give yourself a complete once-over before stepping out, this mirror is for you. A wide mirror design that takes care of and covers a huge portion of the bathroom can be placed against a larger wall for a better feel.

The ways to add and enhance the charm of any mirrors in the house would be to add appropriate lights around it. If you want to get a real look at yourself and get a clear picture, add warm lights – white or yellow on top of the mirrors to get the real deal. These designs and aspects would suit any interior décor style and you would not have to think twice before making a purchase. Find mirrors at affordable rates and you will find yourself recommending this place to others as well.

Time to turn the spotlight towards you by investing in mirrors that bring out the best in you. Enjoy a refreshing start to the day and end your day with another reflection of you.

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