6 Auto Body Shop Checklist for Luxury Car Owners

Having luxury cars requires luxury service and maintenance. Luxury cars have different capacities than normal cars that can be seen driving on the highways. Although they are reliable and they are built with the highest quality, collisions, accidents, and repairs can still be encountered with luxury cars. Modifications and upgrades to luxury cars are also quite common these days. However, new luxury car owners don’t have much experience yet with what to do with their vehicles when going to Auto Body Shops. That is why, when going to an auto body shop, every luxury car owner requires a checklist. Whether they are new luxury car owners or experienced luxury car owners, it is better to have an objective and idea of what to do when going to an auto body shop.


First things first, before going into an auto body shop, every car owner must need to inquire about the services, cost, pricing, and other information that is required for their vehicles. When going into an auto body shop, a luxury car owner must check first the quality of the work. This can be gathered through checking feedback from previous customers that already experienced having a service on the body shop. This can help every luxury car owner to determine whether the body shop meets the requirements for fixing a luxury car.

Another thing to inquire about is the location and the availability of the body shop. Unlike normal cars, luxury cars are very delicate and require detailed work and an ample amount of time for the technicians to fix or upgrade them. And because of that, every luxury car owner must inquire about the availability of the body shop. So it is better to schedule an appointment at the body shop and set a date of when the vehicle will be brought to the shop. Lastly, the location is also essential. Some auto body shops offering luxury repairs, maintenance, and upgrades are usually difficult to find. For example, is the Luxury Cars Body Shop in Houston. If you are nowhere near the area, it is better to inquire first and check whether you will need your car to travel directly to the shop or have the car delivered by using a truck.


Every car owners needs to decide first what they want to do with their car when having a service. This includes both non-luxury car owners and luxury car owners. When proceeding to an auto body shop, every car owner needs to choose whether they want to change the bumper, or the fender, if there is some part of the car that needs repairs and maintenance. If your car was in a recent accident or a collision, plan ahead if you want the repairs to be the same as the original or do you want to upgrade it and add some mods to your car. Deciding beforehand is a must for every luxury cars owners and even non-luxury car owner.


every luxury car owner needs to check the availability of their car parts. As some car parts for luxury cars tend to be rare to find and you might need to order from the car manufacturer directly which needs some time to be imported back to you before you can use it. In that case, when checking for an auto body shop, it is also essential to inquire if your vehicle parts are available in their shop and if not you can order it first from the manufacturer before proceeding to the auto body shop. However, some auto body shop that specializes in luxury cars may already have the parts for your vehicle, For example, the BMW body shop in Houston already have the tools, materials, and parts needed for repairs, upgrades, and maintenance for BMW cars and other luxury cars. So checking the availability of vehicle parts must be on the checklist for every luxury car owner.


Luxury cars are considered the premium version of cars and are designed to be driven with a premium experience. Compare to regular cars, luxury car parts and basic maintenance usually cost more. As mentioned earlier, luxury car parts are difficult to find and sometimes need to be directly brought to the manufacturer and luxury cars also need delicate and premium service from auto technicians and mechanics. That is why it is important to have a total quotation of the cost of the service. A lot of luxury car owners are probably wealthy, however, getting the total quotation first can save money for the owners from a lot of fraudulent mechanics and shops. Before agreeing and just leaving the car to the body shop, check the total cost so you can avoid having extra expenses that aren’t necessary for your car.


Again, luxury cars are complex and premium. Repairs, upgrades, and maintenance for these vehicles normally take hours and sometimes days to work on. With that in mind, when going to an auto body shop avoid having your car be in the shop if you are in a rush. Depending on the case of your car such as

  • collision repairs
  • repaint
  • bumpers replacement
  • glass and windshield replacement, etc

These examples are the most common upgrades and repairs every luxury car experiences when going to an auto body shop. For every luxury car owner, avoid your expectations that the technicians and mechanics can fix your car within less than an hour. Some of the technicians and mechanics can probably fix it, but it might be lousy work and not high quality. Lastly, it is better to be accompanied by a friend or a family member that also has a car if in case your car will be in the shop for a couple of days.


Most auto body shops often have access to the inside of your vehicle. Documents and other important things in your car must be removed before leaving your car in the shop. This is to avoid losing valuable items from your vehicle. Also, for the technicians and mechanics as well. Instead of decluttering the items first from your car, they can start fixing your car as soon as you leave the shop. Lastly, consider going to a car wash first to have a clean car for your technician to work with instead of a dirty vehicle.


Every luxury car owner should have these six checklists for their next auto body shop. Having some time to research and have some idea about your vehicle can avoid having low-quality work, spending too much money, and saving your time. For all luxury car owners, treat your cars with premium love as it gives you a premium experience when driving them on the road.

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