If you are determined to study in New Zealand, you’ve actually made a smart decision. Courses offered in New Zealand are known for their excellent standard, quality, and detail. International students from various parts of the world are receiving their education in this wonderful nation to accelerate their global careers.

Although New Zealand is parallel to Japan or Great Britain in terms of the quality of education provided, there are many reasons for which you should consider studying in New Zealand and apply for its student visa.

Advantages of New Zealand Student Visa:

There are a variety of aspects for which you should consider to study in New Zealand.

Scenic Environment:

New Zealand has stunning natural surroundings and it is particularly varied in its offerings. One minute you can ski on the rim of a mountain, the next search can spin in volcanoes or ancient lakes. There are beaches, hot springs, and glaciers along with clay pools and rainforests.

Small populace:

With a population of only 4.5 million, the country looks quite tranquil and stress-free. Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, will be the only place where you will have difficulty with crowds and traffic. The houses in New Zealand are particularly huge, many of which comprise of large gardens and only one story high, so your overall experience in New Zealand will eventually be a lavish and peaceful one.

safe and sound Lifestyle:

According to the 2015 Global Peace Index, New Zealand is in fourth position in the world with the ‘very high’ standard of global tranquility. In New Zealand, violent and aggressive crimes are very atypical as a secular society, religion plays an inconsequential role within the community. New Zealand has been geologically unconcerned with the rest of the world, so it manages to avoid any violent divergence or threats.

Remarkably Diverse Society:

New Zealand is an incredibly multicultural nation with residents from around the world, including Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. A huge number of Pacific Islands have enthused southwards to New Zealand. There is still a large population of New Zealand’s native people, Maori, who have been there for as long as 3200 years. European arrangement was considered especially dark time for its native inhabitants, however, racial discrimination is fairly rare, multiculturalism has proved to be harmonious and victorious.


The standard of living in New Zealand has been amazingly kept. The entire population is well known for harmonizing their work and leisure lifestyle, which is probably one of the reasons why the country is so passive. Schools and universities, when compared to other countries, are quite easy-going because there is an equal focus is given both on learning and extracurricular activities.

Amazing Climate:

New Zealand usually has very settled down weather throughout the year. In winter, the climate in the northern island is quite temperate. Mercury rarely grows or cascades at the peak, meaning that existing in New Zealand is usually an enjoyable experience. The clement nature of New Zealand’s climate means that anyone can be skiing or swimming on the same day.

Disadvantages of New Zealand Student Visa:

Everything that has a good side and a bad side. So apart from the recompense, your study in New Zealand also carries some downfalls, which are as follows:

Costs of Living in Auckland:

Since Auckland is the primmest and busiest city in New Zealand, most people want to stay there, making the cost of residence very high. Employment in Oakland carries the highest opportunities and immigrants prefer to go there to get hired, so rent obviously rockets high to be extreme. Whereas, somewhere else in the country, home prices are quite rational.

Isolated Country:

New Zealand is very remotely located, quite away from the rest of the world, only Australia and some small Pacific Islands are near to New Zealand. As a result, flights from there can be pricey, and the import of goods can be as expensive.

Mosquitoes And Flies:

If you go to New Zealand, be prepared to bitten by mosquitoes and sandflies. They are the worst in the summer, so be prepared with an insect repellant, socks coils, citronella candles, and bug spray.

Lacks In Historical Artifacts:

Although Maori people have been living in New Zealand for years, yet have not made the physical evidence of their ancient history. Tourist activities in Newzealand revolve around history, instead of outdoor adventure and exploration, unlike Europe or Asia.To find picturesque architecture can be a disheartening task.

Dentists are quite expensive:

While general medical bills are often inexpensive and discounted by the government, there are no offs for dentist bills. Consequently, they can be very costly. It is free for children but it can get an expensive affair for adults.

Poor Building Regulations:

Building standards for people of New Zealand or its government has not always been given precedence. There are many homes in New Zealand, which are very poor in quality and design, with no insulation or heating foundation. Regardless of the moderate weather, heating is still critical.

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