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Amla is also known as the Indian Gooseberry and it is said that they contain 8 times more Vitamin C than fruits like Orange and Pomegranate. It is also been tagged as a superfood.

One can get amla cady online stores and they can have them on a regular basis because they have tremendous health benefits. Though they taste a bit sour but there are enough reasons to indulge in those sour treats on a daily basis.

It helps to fight the common cold

This is because of the high content of Vitamin C present in it. One can have a candy daily or they can mix 2 tea spoons of amla powder with 2 tea spoons of honey and have at twice on a daily basis so that they can get instant relief from the seasonal cough and cold. This can give them relief from untimely flu attacks as well.

It improves eyesight

According to studies, amla has carotene which is very good for eyesight. One can go for daily consumption of gooseberries because it can improve the overall eye health. It can reduce the intraocular tension and cataract issues. In fact, it can also reduce sudden itching, redness and watery eyes because of some eye pressure.

It burns fat

This is a great benefit of consuming amla. A kind of protein is present there which can be of great help in body weight loss. If one can drink a glass full of amla juice just before their meals then it can fill up the stomach and make them eat less. Not only that, amla can boost metabolism too and help one to shed their body weight faster. Amla according to nutritionists also have a good amount of fibre in it and so it can help one to get relief from constipation. One feels less bloated after consuming amla.

It builds immunity

It has astringent and anti-bacterial properties which can always boost one’s immunity system. There are many health problems that occur to an individual because of their low immunity level in the body. In fact, some serious problems like cancer also happens because of the oxidative damage. Amla can always prevent and repair the damage.

Amla beautifies hair

This is said to be a great health tonic for hair. It can prevent dandruff formation, early greying of hair and also increases the strength of the hair follicles. Amla is said to be a natural conditioner for hair and it can bring back the lost shine of it.

It improves skin

Consuming amla on a regular basis can help one to get a clean and clear skin. This is said to be the best anti-ageing fruit. One can have an amla candy or drink amla juice on a regular basis so that they can end up having blemish free and glowing skin.

It is said that drinking fresh amla juice is the best way to get its benefits. But one can also go for amla candy buy or powdered amla for regular consumptions.


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