Pre roll packaging

The trend of utilizing pre rolls on parties and big events is increasing at a tremendous rate after the legalization of cannabis products. It is why the companies have started to utilize premium packaging to meet the quality of these items. Pre roll boxes in this regard are providing a great help in the perfect preservation and presentation of these products. The printing capabilities that these packages provide are extremely effective, even with the low-level printing techniques. And due to their personalized nature, it is easy to give them any shape and design. Here are some designs from which you can enhance the parties of your consumers.

Character printing:

People always love to have special characters printed on their pre roll boxes. It is one of the most engaging ideas that you print special kinds of characters on the packages according to the theme of the party that your consumers are having. For instance, if you are targeting a Christmas party, it will be perfect if you print high-definition characters or icons of Santa. Similarly, if you are targeting Halloween party, you can add images of spooky and funky characters to enhance the parties that your customers are having at their house. For thanksgiving, the idea of printing images of food items or meals is a good idea as well. With character printing ideas, your customers can attract their guests and friends in a better way from the packaging of pre rolls.

Color scheme:

Before the utilization of color schemes, there is one more aspect important than this. And that step is to select the colors for your pre roll packaging. Every party, event, or holiday has a unique theme, and that theme has some special colors. For instance, if you are having a Christmas party at your house, the colors that you get to see around are red, white, and green mostly. On Halloween, people usually get attracted by dark and spooky colors.

Similarly, every other party like graduation, birthday or wedding all has some unique color presentations according to the choice of people. You can pick the main color of the event that your customers are having at their house and print the packages according to it. In this way, you can appeal to the desires of your customers and their friends. Pick those colors that can be visible even from a far off place.


Every perfect packaging needs a balanced design in order to get maximum visibility. Images cannot tell the whole story of your brand and product. Here is when you need to utilize typography if you want to have effective communication from your audience from custom pre roll packaging. There are several quotations that are related to different events and parties. For instance, people like to say “Merry Christmas” to each other on Christmas. Similarly, like Valentines Day is coming, you will see different people have parties and wishes to each other.

You can utilize this idea to design your pre-roll packages by the usage of typography. Print special kinds of quotations and textures to engage with your audience. Make sure that you are printing the quotations according to the theme of the party or event. Keep the font minimal if you are targeting a decent party; otherwise, for youngsters, you can choose a funky little one.

Inside printing:

Just like the trend of utilizing joints is massively encouraging, so does the utilization of inside printing for boxes. It is for adding the element of surprise for the customers. You can appeal to your audience by designing special kinds of illustration and design printing in the pre roll box. Doing the typography inside the box is not a bad idea either as no one will put a sealed box on the table during a party, so having inside printing will help the ones who are picking the joints to feel special about the packaging. It will show the consumers that the packaging is from the manufacturers. Who cares about making efforts for the delights of their customers. You can even utilize special kinds of techniques like embossing or debossing to write unique quotations for the audience in an enhanced manner.

Use of lamination:

Manufacturers utilize the option of lamination to enhance the aesthetic properties of their pre-roll packages. Sometimes parties can be very rough, and there are always some persons who handle everything in a rough manner. In this situation, you can allow your customers to save their joint roll box from getting any stain or dust by utilizing laminations on their surface. For instance, if you are using no-smudge lamination. There will not be any kind of fingerprint or dust particles on the surface of your box. It will allow the consumers to keep their joints safer while enjoying their parties.


Foiling is the method that is used to create a luxurious and premium look for the boxes. By using this, you will be able to create an elegant feeling for your customers from the pre roll packages. It is effective than printing for many reasons. In this technique, hot dies or ink is suppressed by using a foil on the surface of the box. So with this solution, you will be able to place the engaging content in a more attractive manner for the parties of your customers. Even with its premium result, it does not cost you a lot to get the foiling done on your box.

The best thing about pre roll boxes is that they are not limited to any function or event. Their customization allows you to manufacture or get them in any theme or shape that you think will be liked by the customers. Besides, their high-quality durability and reliability will tell your customers to trust you about their pre rolls need.


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