Needless to say what castor wheels are primarily used for and what their function is actually meant for. When attached with a different set of hardware/equipment, castors make transporting things to be all downhill. Almost all industries that have kinds of to-and-fro things within the premises understand how castors and their right selection is significant to them.

There is a wide range of wheels applications in different industries. Thus, there is a wide range of wheels too on the marketplace to serve the different carrying chores. The manufacturing and distribution facility make the most application of castors. However, when it comes to making the selection of right wheels for your industrial need, you need to be a bit more specific about your industry as which kind of manufacturing and distribution industry you are engaged into.

When you are more specific about your wheels requirement, you help yourself to be catered the right supply of castors in Perth or wherever you seek your supply, you always get the right thing for the right purpose. In the following part of the post, we have put some resourceful points to develop an understanding of castors, their types, benefits, and uses in different industry.

Cast a look at the following points and get some knowledge of the types, uses, and benefits of castors. It will help you make a right selection of castors for your industrial purpose:

Types of Caster Wheels

Depending on the weight carrying capacity, floor/ground conditions, endurance against exposure to chemicals and other liquids, environmental conditions, e.g., temperature, moisture etc, there are hundreds of castors available in the market to choose from.

There are rigid castors — that can roll along only a straight path and swivel casters — that come with the 360-degree rotational capability and all round/direction motion. Some other types of castors are defined by their material, size, and stiffness. They can be made up of plastic, metal, rubber or polyurethane. And then there are other types that are determined by the kind of wheels application.

When making the selection of wheels, make sure that you are already aware of the industrial application of castors. Go through all the types of wheels to bag the best. Do you need industrial castors that can carry a heavy load? Do you want rubber-made castors to equip them into your medical equipment for a silent shifting and moving?

What Are The Benefits?

What kinds of benefits you are looking forward to reaping with castors at your industrial facility? Castors offer a range of benefits and that define how functional and operative a pair of castors can be for your need.

Do you want castors to increase the mobility at your heavy machines manufacturing unit? Or are you just looking for a pair of castor that you can equip into your wheelchair to facilitate your motion and minimise the stress on your joints and muscles.

Use of Castors in Different Industries

Castors are significant to an assortment of industries ranging from automobiles to electronics, shopping, and retail to food and beverages, and shipping & warehouses to hospitals. From heavy-duty castors to lite duty castors are available on the marketplace to make the selection from in compliance with your industrial requirement.

Unless you have clear considerations in your mind, you won’t be able to make the right choices for castors. Hopefully, the above point will mean well in the course of bagging the best castors for your line of industry.


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