When you are going out for some wilderness adventure, you must always remember that it is not supposed to be an exclusively human territory. It is essentially the habitat of various packs of ferocious wild animals. You must, therefore, equip yourself with proper knowledge and effective weapons and tools to tackle these wildlife encounters. Most wild animals are of the harmless kind but there certainly are some predators out there in the wilderness. So it is a good idea to stay mentally and physically prepared to safeguard yourself from them. Here are a few tips to tackle different animals when you encounter them.


wolves-300x200 Wilderness Survival Tips for Protecting Yourself from Two of the Most Common Wild Animals

Wolf packs generally operate as per a hierarchy of some sort. Alpha males are supposed to be the leaders of the pack. The Omega males seem to be the first ones of the pack to approach danger. In some situations, humans are at first, confronted by the Omega males but they could be warded off. Suppose you are surrounded by an apparently ferocious pack of wolves in the wilderness. Do not panic or lose your heart. It is actually possible to survive despite such a dangerous situation.

Remember only one thing that you are just not going to turn and run away. The wolves are predatory creatures and would just love to chase you. You must stand your ground instead and try to look as big and domineering as possible. You may start waving your gun or shouting out. Sometimes, the wolves would get scared and go away. Often the wolf could be put into a chokehold or a headlock. Although this has already been tried and tested on several occasions, it has resulted in injuries to the survivors. These tips would help you in all your wilderness adventure trips including the trip to the Tadoba National Park. However, you must do early bookings in one of the Tadoba national park resorts to avoid disappointment later.


wolves-300x200 Wilderness Survival Tips for Protecting Yourself from Two of the Most Common Wild Animals

There are different kinds of bears but irrespective of their type, all bears are dangerous and could cause a great deal of harm. Bears would attack you at once if you approach its young ones or if provoked. But in general, bears would like to stay clear of humans. They avoid humans and usually, maintain a safe distance from humans.

Fighting with bears may not be a great idea but at the same time do not try to run away then you are sure to be killed. You must start speaking in monotone voices and do not make any kind of sudden movements. You need to stop panicking and stay calm. Gradually, reverse your path as this could ultimately save your life.

In case you are attacked physically by the bear, the only way you could survive is to go at once, into your fetal position with your tummy facing and touching the ground, thus, try to protect your throat, neck, and of course, your face. The bear would be trying to hurt you in the stomach or your neck to expose all your vital organs. You must not allow this to take place.


Different wild animals need to be dealt with in different ways. You must do your homework well before you are going on a wilderness adventure trip. You must know your facts and learn all safety tricks, tips, and measures for successful survival in the wilderness. Remember presence of mind is your most important tool for surviving in the wilderness amidst dangerous animals.


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