Gainesville is more beautiful than ever. Over the years, there has been a huge improvement in structures, parks, museums, just to name a few. What a great time to be in Gainesville especially if you travel in a Rolls Royce. To make your journey even more fun is to hire 3 passengers in a Rolls Royce, now that would be memorable.

1. Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention

The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention is dedicated to inspiring creativity and invention by encouraging people to look at everyday things in a whole new light. Although the museum will only open to the general public in spring 2018, it already offers educational programs aimed at stimulating young minds. The Early Entrepreneurs Program teaches critical skills required in the business world, while the Living Inventor Series teaches creative problem solving. The museum also offers popular weekly field trips where children and young adults are exposed to hands-on experiments in a real laboratory setting. Participants get to do really exciting and stimulating tasks, such as creating robots and other objects from scratch.

2. Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park

Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park is a most unusual historical and geological site located in a giant sinkhole just outside Gainesville. Surrounded by dry and sandy terrain, the steep walls of the bowl-shaped sinkhole descend 120 feet below the surface and protect an amazing miniature rainforest. It is quite evident that the sinkhole has been a lure to the curious for hundreds of years, and researchers have found many valuable fossils, marine shells, and fossilized skeletons of extinct land animals in the sinkhole. You can go on a short half-mile hike around the perimeter of the depression and then descend a boardwalk to the bottom.

3. Florida Museum of Natural History

Located on the campus of the University of Florida, the Florida Museum of Natural History is a national gem you should not miss during your visit to Gainesville. The museum hosts a remarkable collection of permanent exhibits as well as regular temporary exhibitions. A few of the most popular exhibits include the Butterfly Rainforest, the Florida Fossils Collection (which traces the evolution of life and land), and the interactive Our Energy Future exhibit. Younger visitors can have hours of educational fun in the children’s discovery zone. You can visit most of the museum free of charge (donations are gratefully accepted), but a small fee applies to some temporary exhibits and to the Butterfly Rainforest.

4. Haile Homestead

At the historic Haile Homestead on the Kanapaha Cotton Plantation you can step back in time to the 1800s and see the amazing craftsmanship of the enslaved laborers who built the 1854 homestead for the Haile family. The homestead was constructed completely out of pine and cypress wood. One of the most unique features of the house are the Talking Walls – for reasons which are no longer clear, the family covered most of the walls with writing that tells the story of their lives and that off their slaves.


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