The party planning information on hiring a luxury transportation company Orlando service that you use will be based on the size of the party, the objective of the party, and of course the budget of the party may play a central role.

Are you thinking of planning a party? One great party planning tip is to use a party planning checklist. When porganizing a complex, fun-filled party, a checklist is very helpful to keep track of all of those details.

Missing a deadline can cost money or you might loose an opportunity to book your favorite restaurant or caterer you were hoping to use for your party. So what should go on a party planning checklist?

A quick answer is anything and everything which requires making a decision before you can proceed to the next step. The following items are the things that should be considered in your checklist.

1. Theme or Purpose: It may seem very simple, but the first thing to think about is why are you having a party. Is it a special once a year occasion or a Saturday brunch with close friends?

Once you decide why you are hosting a party, then you can select the theme. The theme will guide you on decorations, menu and entertainment.

2. Guests: The number of guests will help you determine how much food to prepare and also let you know if you need to rent party supply items such as chairs or tables.

3. Invitations: Next send out invitations, either via email, snail mail or telephone, depending on the formality of the party. Make sure to include date, time, address and any special notes, such as “bring a dish to share”, “Surprise Party!”, “Costume Party”, Roaring 20’s”. Including RSVP date and contact information should be included as well.

4. Menu: It is best to create your menu based on around the party theme. Since food is a highlight of any gathering, be creative. One stress saving tip is to prepare dishes and in advance if possible.

Always prepare more food than you think you might need, just in case you have any surprise guests attending.

5. Contracts, Deposits and Reservations: These are the biggies. Once you have a party theme, guest list, menu and invitations are sent, make sure you are carefully tracking your deadlines for payments, guest counts or any other contractual details required by the vendors you have hired for your party.

If you have to be at your home on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 to sign for the party rental items, make sure you are there or you have a trusted, reliable friend to handle the task for you.

If the final count is due no later than 3 days in advance, make a note and follow through. Missed deadlines can be expense and worse, may result in a contract or reservation being canceled.

So remember, write it down and follow through. See how valuable your party planning checklist can be?


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