Family cottages

Nainital is one of the jewels of Uttarakhand. The place is often known as the Queen of Lakes. Here you can find seven lakes in and around Nainital which draw numerous travelers from far and wide. It is said to be the best stopover hill station in India. Nainital offers plenteous rental spaces that boast you very comfortable stays with impeccable accommodation.

If you want to have a personalized and flawless experience in the lap of nature then here you are at Nainital. We have the best family cottages in Nainital where you can have the gala time with your family and friends because here the day starts with a perfect breakfast, you can progress your day with a reading session followed by relaxing afternoon or listen to some music or have a solitude walk of jungle and in the cottages you are allowed to cook the food of your own choice.

A cottage on a hill overlooking the valley sounds one of a kind because it has a perfect view and weather to boot. Nainital is waiting to dazzle you with its majestic views. It is one of the mesmerizing places which can be easily spotted on the world tourism map. The whole Nainital is a sight that one can behold as there are hills, mystical fog, waterfalls, and a scenic view which makes you feel like heaven. Nainital is very photogenic from all the angles because you can observe the backdrop of mountains as this place is a package of wholesome vacation.

Relish your moments with a stay at the cottage

Plan out a vacation with your loved ones because stay at the cottage in Nainital is worth going. This is a perfect destination for the guests looking to satisfy their thrill for adventure along with syncing with nature’s tranquility. The most mesmerizing features of cottages in Nainital are that they consist of three bedrooms with an en-suite bathroom which is totally on a different level.

During your stay in Nainital cottages, you can get an area of around 7000 square feet which is spread over three and a half stories. Each suite is designed with a wood paneling with comfortable sit-outs, modern bathrooms, snug beds, and most of all scenic beauty. All in all family cottages in Nainital will be a memorable stay if you are vacating with family or friends.

If you want o go far from the madding crowd and want yourself to get surrounded by nature then here you are. Here you will experience the pure and authentic Indo-British architecture and the charming cottages in the nearby places of Nainital which comes alive with a call of exotic birds, flowering shrubs, luscious peaches aroma, taste fresh food and fruit and the impeccable touch of wanderlust once you trek along flat walking paths. Altogether it will be a retreat if you go to Nainital and have a stay at the cottage. At Nainital, you will get the most blissful experience where you can witness the mountains and picturesque view that will cherish your moments for a lifetime.  It’s a place famous for its natural beauty and we guarantee that your journey will turn out to be wonderful.

Best cottages for your stay in Nainital

A home at the mountain is a thing that one can dream of and recreate with passion and dedication. Cottages are the perfect place for the people who love the mountains and want a peaceful life away from the chaotic crowd. Experience the humdrum and the cacophonies of nature during the stay. It is a call for all the travelers because all you need is a chance to enjoy a moment with family and enjoy the panorama. During your stay at Family Cottages in Nainital, you will discover various horizons which comprise of Himalayan peaks, gardens with flora and fauna and the mainly the comfort of home that seeps a flamboyant touch of the interiors.

In here, the cottages you can have an exuberant experience of really old British architecture with the perfect aura and ambiance with gives you a luxurious feel during the stay. The interiors are basically retro themed with the vibes of old home hospitality. The cottages are situated nearby Mall roads which are the center of attraction for the tourist because the trip will drive you crazy along the downhill walk.

Here you will get to know how pure it is to live between the woods and lush greenery and peace all where. Altogether it will be wonderful if you plan a trip with all your family members and stay at the cottage so that you can cherish all the moments with your loved ones. The trip will be full of fun and adventure with the aroma of calmness and organic beauty which will be definitely one of a kind.


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