Travel Destinations for Shopping
Travel Destinations for Shopping

People travel for all the reasons. Some of them travel for fun and leisure, others travel for work, in the pursuit of education, food, and even for shopping. Taking the perspective of a shopaholic, traveling and shopping can be a very difficult task. It can even get from bad to worse in the extreme shopping seasons such as Christmas, or yearly sales. However, with so much discount on products to avail, this is every shopper’s dream. It is an opportunity to get more by spending less, and that too in a foreign country where you can spend your days on a beach and nights in a shopping mall.

Travel in the day, shop at night

To identify which cities are the best for shopping as well as traveling, we researched about the travel destinations that are known for their monuments and landmarks, as well as shopping malls and the number of festivals they celebrate. Cities like Paris, New York, and London are undoubtedly the global champions of fashion. Then we have Copenhagen, Dubai, and Istanbul where you can enjoy massive sales and promotions on different events all around the year. So what are the other amazing destinations on this list where you can go and do infinite traveling and shopping without getting ripped off? Let’s find out.

Ultimate traveling tip for everyone

Traveling and shopping look more attractive when you are getting discounts and deals in return. For this reason, we want to share the ultimate traveling tip for everyone. You can now book the cheapest flights to Copenhagen, New York, Paris, London or anywhere else with the best online travel agency instead of booking them on an airline’s website.

With that stated, let’s head back to identifying the best travel destinations for shopping.

New York City

New York is simply the king of all the cities when we talk about traveling and shopping. It is where trends are set, displayed, bought, wore and then taken to exotic destinations that are in this city. NYC is the ultimate dream of every traveler and shopper to not only visit, but also shop and show off while doing so. Traveling to this city is not difficult at all, and with multiple airports, bridges, ports and railway stations, you can easily get there from anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. New York City hosts annual sales in different seasons along with other clearance sales. You can easily found some deals and rebates here, and the destinations can be visited in the daytime as well as night.


Copenhagen is one of the best places to explore and shop at the same time. Unlike New York City and some other cities in this list, Copenhagen offers a few seasons to shop, but at the same time, those seasons are an amazing time to land and loot. Copenhagen has a great history to its name, and with such an ideal location, it has become a dream destination for tourists. There are amazing museums, shopping malls, amusement parks, and gardens to explore and shop in the Danish Capital. The longest Pedestrian shopping street Stroget is located there.


The capital city of the United Kingdom is another city on this list that is considered as one of the toppers of shopping and traveling city lists. London boasts many traveling sites, museums, and landmarks. It also offers amazing shopping malls that are open to all the shoppers with exciting rebates in shopping seasons. Visit the amazing landmarks in daytime or night and shop at the same time on highly rated brands with amazing discounts.

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Istanbul is one of the few cities in the world that is situated on two continents. One part of the city is in Asia, and the other is in Europe. It is the place where multiple cultures meet and form a part of a tradition that is always evolving into something which everyone love. Traveling to Turkey is everybody’s dream as it has a rich historical heritage, monuments, sights, and sceneries in it. Istanbul is the cultural capital of Turkey and a place where you can visit the extensive indoor shopping malls as well as lively marketplaces for your favorite items.


The capital of Kingdom of Thailand is no stranger to travelers. It is the gateway to some of the most exotic, serene and beautiful beaches in the world. Not only that, Bangkok is also an entrance to some of the most beautiful temples, villages, mountains and hill stations in the world. Bangkok is a perfect place to shop as well and offers amazing shopping festivals more than once every year. You can shop here along with wandering in the country and soaking sun on a white sand beach in a single trip.

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Considered as one of the capitals of fashion, Paris is the mutual dream of a traveler, fantasist and a shopaholic. If getting there and taking few snaps with the Eiffel Tower isn’t enough, you can visit the museum of the Louvre or any other famous destination in or around Paris along with some shopping in the most famous city on this planet. Paris is expensive as compared with any other city in this list, but you won’t regret sending a dime here as every price is worth paying.


Dubai is an emerging shopping destination which is also becoming every traveler’s dream destination. This city is ambitious and everything in it is superlative. The Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the world. You can also visit the tallest building on the planet, as well as the biggest manmade Island resort. Although Dubai hosts multiple shopping festivals annually such as DSF, 2020 will be the most important year for this Emirate State as it will host the biggest Expo the world has ever seen. So brace yourself and book your tickets to Dubai.


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