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According to, almost 200 million Instagrammers are known to visit business profiles daily. With millions of users who are spread in every corner of this huge world, Instagram is undoubtedly a popular social networking platform that is helping businesses to grow. The successful businesses are already making use of Instagram and few of the small businesses have also started their promotions because of the wider reach that Instagram has. However, few small businesses are still considering whether they should use Instagram for promoting their businesses.

If you are looking for the perfect reasons as to why you should use Instagram for your small business, you can consider all the tips that are mentioned below.

Instagram helps in putting a face to the brand

Instagram is one of the best visual social networking platforms, which help a business to form personal connections with the customers. You have the option of sharing videos and pictures of the entire team as well as the happy customers for engaging your potential audience. A visual will help in reflecting the uniqueness of the brand and differentiate the business from the others in the competitive market.

Instagram helps in boosting the sales

Instagram can be used for updating all the followers regarding the sales promotions as well as the sales. For instance, you have the option of running promotional advertising campaigns for creating awareness and driving traffic to the business website. If you have decided to launch any new service or product, you can again use Instagram for providing a peek into the latest offerings. Gaining real Instagram followers by posting exclusive images is one of the successful strategies.

You can tell interesting and amazing stories

Instagram is an ideal place where you can be creative when you are marketing the brand. Instagram stories have been specially designed to boost the engagement of both the present and the potential customers. You can even use Instagram stories for offering discounts or running flash sales. Running contests is also a great way that most of the businesses follow for keeping the customers engaged.

Try to build connections with people who are like minded

Social media is definitely about networking. Instagram is a perfect place for finding the like-minded people who share a similar kind of interest. You have the option of expanding the social media network as well as collaborating with influencers or a reputed brand for reaching out to more people, which is crucial for a small business.

Staying updated with the latest consumer trends

An important reason why it is mandatory for you to have an Instagram account is that you can easily understand the current trends of the market. You can use it for promoting contents for generating interest. For instance, the New Year is soon approaching and you have to remain updated regarding the newest New Year trends that are going to rule the market.


Promoting your small business is undoubtedly a tough and daunting job but if you can use Instagram in a proper manner, you will be successful in your business.


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