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The world is advancing in every sector one can think of with plethora of varieties to choose from. One such fascinating software which came into existence in early 90’s is Adobe Photoshop. This software allows editing images, adding filters or layers and other graphics. Generally it is used by video editors, photographers, graphic designers etc. Since its production, it has become so popular that there are Photoshop contests and people nowadays pursue photoshopping as a career. It was developed by Thomas and John Knoll and gave the license to Adobe Systems. It is capable of producing and editing raster images and supports alpha composting and colour models. The older versions of Photoshop areCS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015 and Photoshop touch.


Photoshop Tools:


  1. Pen Tool: It is used for outlining of objects and other graphics. One can draw paths freehand as well or magnetic pen tool is also available.


2.Shape tools: This tool allows creating shapes like rectangle, circle, square and custom shapes.

3. Lasso: It is of two types- magnetic lasso and regular lasso. Lasso forms an area in the canvas by outlining the object and one can move from the starting to the final point within it. Polygonal lasso allows drawing straight lines.

4. Crop Tool: This allows cropping the picture to desired size and removing the unwanted portion. It can also be used to reduce the file size.

5. Move Tool: It allows moving the object within a layer from one side to another.

6. Magic Wand: The backgrounds of the images are selected from this tool and removed or enhanced with Magic Wand. The quick selection tool is better then this one as that provides optimum results at a faster rate.

7. Paintbrush and Pencil: The pencil tool draws objects on the canvas and paintbrush allows filling in colours with different sizes of brush available.

8. EraserTool: This tool erases the texts, objects or drawings formed on one layer. The size can be increased or decreased as per the requirement.

9. Text Tool: This tool allows writing text horizontally or vertically on the screen.

10. Zoom Tool: It allows zooming in and zoom out which enlarges or reduces the image.

Photoshop is quite expensive so GIMP can be used as an alternative. Let’s see in GIMP vs Photoshop which one is more suitable. Software like Photoshop requires large amount of laptop or desktop space. Not only for the software,the edited images are also of large pixels. GIMP can be quickly downloaded and occupies less space. Photoshop was notdesigned keeping in mind digital photography and it has some tools which are not of much use. GIMP was designed for digital photography and it does not have unnecessary tools. The only benefit of using GIMP is that it does not have unwanted stuff and it saves space. As GIMP is free of cost it provides free updates of software as well. Other than Photoshop and GIMP, other alternatives of Photoshop are Sketch, SumoPaint, Paint.Net, Pixlr etc.


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