These days Twitter has been increasing because of its many benefits. And why not, these days businesses need excellent lead generation, and Twitter is providing that to all the global audience. A significant number of followers is necessary for everyone—These days, whether it be a business or a personal account. 

You can also learn how to mass unfollow on Twitter and work in a smarter way to get more audience. This way, your account will be safe, and Twitter will also not mark it as spam or a fake account.

Different ways to Increase Twitter Following 

Mentioned below are different steps to increase your Twitter following for your business and your personal account too.

  1. Don’t be Stingy: You don’t have to be stingy with followers, or the followers you can follow a significant number of people at once and use the massive unfollow Twitter tools and make your Twitter account activities safer and non spammy. 
  2. Engagement is the Key: Engagement with the audience is way too critical. If you are not engaging with your followers or the people coming to your account don’t get to see something, then why should they even follow you. Therefore, make sure to post a great variety of content every day. Also, add more excellent value to your content.
  3. Post regularly and post strategically: Consistency is the key. Not for Twitter social media. If you are posting on post every day, then you are limiting your potential reach. Your deserving followers too. Therefore, make sure you keep posting regularly every day on your Twitter account. This will save a sound activity track of your account.
  4. Reply: Reply to comments is again a necessary factor to increase the following. You need to reply because that’s an essential way of ranking yourself in the algorithm. If you’re going in and responding and starting these conversations in your threads, then that places you higher on those people’s feed when they check later on. Because you already have a connection, and Twitter recognizes that, and they start putting you in a more prominent spot.
  5. Post According to your Niche: Posting content that is relevant to your niche is relatively self-explanatory. You hear about a niche thrown around by every social media guru. You have to narrow down what your content is. Posting this way helps in making your account specialized in that particular field. 
  6. Tidy up Your Feed: one of the best ways to have your profile pop right off the bat is by cleaning up old posts tidy up your feed. If you’re a streamer; this means going back and learning how to delete old tweets and get rid of unwanted tweets. 


Here’s everything you need to take care of gaining more and more followers. Therefore, these methods are purely organic and use smart tools like mass unfollow Twitter with the tremendous and optimized processes to delete old tweets smartly.

We hope these steps will help you in increasing the following and in the lead generation of your account, which will ultimately result in having a great business. 


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