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Needless to say, it is evolving day by day and its contribution in the arena of transport is blooming the industry and is also helping in augmenting its potential.

Different cities in the US such as Washington D.C, Las Vegas, etc have adopted IoT in their daily travel operations. Plentiful cities are using the IoT based mobile apps for connecting around the globe. Going in this way is helping them to get smarter and is allowing them to get some more optimized options for traveling.

This fact is encouraging loads of IoT Service Providers to cash on the requirements of their users and develop the travel-based solutions that are required by them.

Before going further, let’s find out what is the Internet of Things?

As the name implies Internet of Things is a huge network of different devices that are interconnected with one another.

It is encompassed with plentiful of smart devices such as mobile phones, cameras, electronic devices, virtual assistance etc and allows them to communicate with one another in a very convenient way.

With every passing day, Internet of things is fetching more and more popularity, thus cost that is used to incurred in its development is going downthus, allowing more and more people to get connected with one another.

In fact, according to a research conducted by the experts, it is being showcased that in the foreseen times, the number of connected devices will cross the number of people that are connected with the internet. Interesting isn’t?

Now, since we are talking in the perspective of the traveling industry, here find out how it will affect the travel in the current and upcoming times?  

Using the sensor and smartphone apps that are combined with the wireless technology, IoT is harnessing their power and is producing the results right from finding the appropriate parking area till finding the best flight.

Needless to say, the Internet of Things is undeniably modernizing the transportation with every passing day. Now in this perspective take the example of a navigation-based mobile app that suggests the best-optimized route to be taken. Another example is a smart car, that automatically updates you about when to service the car or when to fill the air in the tyres etc. These are some of the points that we were unaware of, but nowadays, they are making a boom in today’s society.

Talking on a broader scale, many of the cities have started using the IoT in order to improvise the overall travel and transport infrastructure. Right from making the roads smarter till modernizing the traffic lights, technology is contributing its best for making the making the driving hassle-free.

Find here some of the examples, about how the companies are using it for making the process of commute better.

#1 There is an impressive cut down on Personal Vehicles

Here we can define a new term that is known as Mobility as a Service also can be described as MaaS. Well, under this approach more of the people are adopting the ideation of ride sharing feature that is integrated into most of the popular cabs such as Lyft or Uber.

It has been forecasted that around 50% of the Americans are using this concept for traveling. Reason being, it makes their traveling so easy. Now as these services are becoming more and more popular day by day, integrating the IoT is helping them to find the easy pickup and booking options.

#2 A much-improvised safety for the drivers

Now while dealing with the IoT based mobile app, all the information that is being shared and stored remains safe thus improving the safety, security and the quality of life.

For example, in case the transportation department had detected some fog or some accidental scenario on the highway via the roadway sensors, he could alert his drivers by sending them the required information. This way it gets easy for them to find the right route to be taken for traveling.

Thus, as the technology is improving it is allowing the people to find the optimized ways for traveling and moving around in a much safer way.

#3 Helps in monitoring and managing traffic

The development of smart roads has already fetched momentum and the process of integrating sensors on the bridges, tunnels and the roadways had begun. Thus, the process of becoming smart is already in the air and soon we will be able to find the travel-related information on our smartphones communicated via sensors through IoT.

The sensors can be used for:

  • Identifying the traffic and thus can help in operating the traffic lights accordingly.
  • Determine the roads which remain busy and are used very often. This way it gets easy to maintain and repair the roads as and when required.
  • Helps in monitoring the traffic on a real-time basis, thus helping in reducing down the number of accidents.

If we talk in the perspective of today’s scenario, bountiful of people are using IoT for offering frictionless toll and parking systems. It is helping in making the payments secure and is enabling them to find the nearby traveling and parking options.

Future Opportunities

Well, the niche of going automation is sweeping all the industries by storm. IoT is one such prominent name that is delivering the power of going digital in just the right way. It is now all set to revolutionize all the industries and traveling industry is not an exception, right from navigation till finding the parking, IoT pinpoints every feature in a justified manner.

If you are pretty much interested in taking your traveling business to the new heights, Hire IoT Service Providers from our skilled team at Darkbears and sense a huge escalation in the revenues and growth.


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