If you wanna be certain that your Linksys WiFi range extender is connected with the home network properly or not, then you must check the status of Linksys extender. There are very simple and easy steps that you might follow in order to see the current working state for Linksys WiFi range extender setup.

The light and smooth steps that we are going to mention in this post are common and most important for Linksys smart WiFi devices. You are free to perform all the given steps for all Linksys devices. For more information, you are more than a welcome to get in touch with our experienced technical support team.

Verifying the status of your Linksys device is the most important task. It helps you to confirm whether your Linksys device is connected to your wireless network and getting the correct and valid IP address.

If you want to change the admin login and password for your Linksys range extender, then you have to go for the ‘management’ tab. This option will be available and clearly visible on your screen by using a safe and secure web address

This supposed to be the default login address used to manage the configuration settings on your WiFi device.

Below are Some Rose-Petal Steps Given to Check the Current Status of Your Linksys WiFi Range Extender

  • Open an updated version of web browser and access Linksys extender login page using the above-mentioned default web address. On the other hand, you can also use the default IP address of your range extender in case the mentioned URL doesn’t works.
  • Next, go for the ‘status’ tab on your smart WiFi device and here you will need to search for the tab named as ‘device info’.
  • Soon after you click on the ‘network address’ option, you will receive the presently active status of your Linksys range extender. You will also find the type of Linksys extender device you are using. Its IP address is assigned to your WiFi range extender and subnet mask (network mask) that is provided to your Linksys devices.

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  • Moreover, if you click on the tab ‘WLAN Statistics’, then you will receive a immediate information for network name (SSID) that is assigned to your Linksys extender by the manufacturer of your device. Not only this, you will receive radio band for your extender, status of Linksys extender, and MAC address of your device as well.

For the setup of your Linksys WiFi range extender, you are supposed to access What you have to do, pull up a relevant web browser on a computer or laptop and navigate to extender login page by the means of the mentioned URL. Type the default username and password for a successful login. Once successfully done, you can easily perform the login and setup task of WiFi range extender.

Also make sure that your range extender is physically and properly connected to the existing WiFi router physically and properly. Both the devices supposed to be plugged within the reach of each other into a damaged-free socket. Also remember that the router you are using to connect your device shouldn’t consist of an old and outdated version and firmware of technology.

Note: For this you should be very much aware about Linksys cloud account and the WPS button situated on the WiFi router.

Linksys Router WPS Button: Linksys smart WiFi routers come with a WPS button that makes an easy task to connect with the range extender. We hope that you are aware of WPS. It stands for WiFi Protected Setup. You just have to hold the WPS button on your Linksys router for few seconds in order to build an active and reliable connection between router and the range extender.

As soon as you are done with this process, you can setup your range extender like a pro without any hassle.

In case you are experiencing setup and login issues, then you must see us here for Linksys Initial setup at We keep our words that here you will definitely get more information in detail for Linksys Extender Setup and login.


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