Video marketing has conveniently made its presence felt in mainstream marketing tactics and is increasingly being adopted by various businesses. Digital video has hailed as a new-age marketing tool that works best in reaching out to the right audiences. As it continues to evolve, video marketing trends keep shifting every now and then. Be it YouTube marketing services or video marketing services, the idea is for every business to establish brand recognition among their target consumers.

Here are some of the emerging video marketing trends that every business should follow in 2020.

Ephemeral Stories

Short videos remain trending to this day from when it originally started. These are easy to catch the attention of the audience and quick for viewers to watch on the go. These come in social media format and hence remain appealing among the majority of users. Whether it is Instagram or Facebook, an ephemeral story can easily be placed by businesses in order to talk about themselves in a crisp manner. This is definitely considered one of the pioneers in video marketing trends.

Diversified Video Marketing

The formats of video marketing are numerous for businesses to choose from. This means users can have a lot of options lined up for themselves. Be it the length or picture quality, one can make videos depending on their likes and dislikes. It is best to visualise what the audience desires and accordingly opt for the best available option. As consumers tend to use smartphones for most of their video watching requirements, it is ideal to check the screen size requirements and even alignment.

Sound Matters

Videos are no longer just about the way they are viewed but also about how they are heard too. The sound quality, type, music integration etc. matters most when it comes to making trending videos. People tend to watch videos on the move among public settings and hence prefer to have no sound in some of the short videos. As savvy creators re-define video marketing by placing no sound at all, businesses are tapping on to this newest trend.

Video-Ad Options

YouTube Marketing is allowing businesses to place their adds in the most creative of ways. Whether it is the skip-ad option or placement of ad underneath the video, there are a number of options to choose from. Some businesses even have a tie-up with YouTube video creators and tend to place their product or service ad within the video. All of these allow for a wide range of opportunities for marketers to place their ads.

Strong Social Media Presence

YouTube marketing is all about placing videos with the right content. When it comes to Facebook and Instagram, short videos are the newest trend that is allowing these companies to make money. Succeeding on social media practically means succeeding in marketing strategies for businesses.

As people search for some form of video to learn, understand, know or just get entertained, today’s marketing is all about video content. If a business has to reach out to more and more users, the best way is to opt for digital marketing services in India from a reputed agency.


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