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Elementor is a popular page builder plugin that lets WordPress users replace the default editor with a live one. Users find it convenient to create complex layouts without needing to leave the editor to watch the preview. Elementor Free vs Pro is a common topic of debate among people looking to use the plugin. The open-source CMS is a versatile web development platform and a separate domain of WordPress website conversion has emerged because of people looking to migrate their existing interfaces to the platform. The page builder plugin is just one of the numerous conveniences that attract people to WordPress. Let’s take a look at the key differences between the two versions which will be helpful in choosing between them.

We will do a comparison between the versions on key aspects so users can easily understand what distinguishes them.

1. Templates

The page building tool comes with a huge library of more than 300 templates for designing a page. Most of these are available in the free version but a pro user will get access to the complete library. The paid product comes in 3 pricing plans and the whole template library is offered in each of them. This is an advantage for people who regularly change the appearance of their interfaces. This does not mean that a free user is at a disadvantage. While most of the library is still accessible to them, they can also find third-party created extra templates. These designs are made for the regular version of the plugin.

2. Widgets

Elementor comes with a number of widgets which help users add beneficial features to their interfaces. 30 basic widgets are included in the free version but the Pro comes with more than 50 advanced ones. The pro version definitely scores over the regular builder in this category. Adding a form, pricing table, slider or an animated headline can be easily done with the paid product. People would have to usually add a separate plugin to introduce any of these functionalities. What adds to its advantage is the inclusion of specific widgets for WooCommerce. E-commerce operators can make their stores more attractive and user-friendly with these widgets. This round of Elementor Free vs Pro definitely goes to the premium version.

3. Functionality

The paid version theme builder allows users to modify every part of a chosen theme. The drag and drop editor can be used to modify the archive page, single posts, and other sections. This flexibility is not available to regular users. They can add custom CSS classes and IDs but Pro users can add CSS styles to specific sections/widgets directly. Paid users have the power to embed templates anywhere on an interface by using shortcodes or widgets. Then there are global widgets which are helpful for people looking to introduce the same widget on multiple pages. These new features make the pro version much more powerful than the free one.

It will be clear to you now that the paid variant has many more features than the regular one. The question is do you really need Elementor Pro. Read on to get the answer.

Elementor Free Is Suitable For

A user will be satisfied with the free variant if:

i. The requirement is for a simple but attractive layout.
ii. There is no need for advanced widgets like contact forms or pricing tables.
iii. The website will not be used for e-commerce.
iv. The user does not need to work with custom CSS extensively.
v. The website already has a high-quality theme.

Elementor Pro Is A Good Option For

The pro version will be ideal for:

i. Users who are going to create complex pages.
ii. E-commerce operators who are using the WooCommerce plugin. They can take advantage of the exclusive WooCommerce elements available in this version.
iii. People who like to change the appearance of their websites regularly and want to access the full template library.
iv. Developers who want to speed up their work by being able to add custom CSS directly to widgets or sections.
v. Website owners who need to add a widget on each page of the website. They can use global widgets for the purpose.


Users caught in the Elementor Free vs Pro dilemma must make an assessment of their requirements to find the answer to the question. People who do not need more features can save money by opting for the free variant while other can choose the paid product.

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