Dell Laptop Black Screen

Have you ever experienced a Dell laptop black screen after login? If yes, through this article we are going to sway all your worries. Regardless of any Dell laptop or PC model you own, here are the solutions that will fix Dell’s black screen, and you can thank us later.

Possible causes of Dell Computer Black Screen

Let’s understand all the possible outcomes on why your Dell laptop black screen on while startup.

Overheating – An overheating of the system caused due to the excess usage of CPU. It generally happens when, for instance, we play games for a longer period on the system or your laptop might not getting enough ventilation.

Faulty Hardware – Often users complained that the Dell laptop turns on but the screen is black. The main reason is the hardware failure where any internal component in the laptop needs a replacement.

Malware attack – You must have noticed that the Dell laptop black screen with the cursor still moving. Also, all the launched programs and applications are still running but the screen appears to be black. The possible cause is the malware attack when you haven’t upgraded the anti-virus for a long time.

Display issue – A faulty or pirated graphic card, a damaged monitor, or an outdated video driver are the possible causes of the ‘Dell laptop black screen’ issue.

How to fix Dell Laptop Black Screen Problem?

Your Dell laptop screen goes black but still running? You must have tried to find the solution on the internet. But it is only that everyone gives you a standalone solution. However, there are many ways to fix it. Here are the six best solutions your Dell PC will require to get rid of this issue :

Solution # 1 – Update your Graphics Drivers

Whenever you stuck with the Dell laptop black screen issue, first-thing-first is to update your PC’s graphic drivers. Follow these steps to update one :

  • Launch Device Manager> Display Adaptors
  • Launch the Properties through right-clicking on the driver.
  • Click to switch on Driver Tab and then select the ‘Update Driver’ option.

The driver will update automatically. This solution only applies if the Dell black screen issue arises due to the graphic malfunction.

Solution # 2 – Force Shut Down your Laptop

When Dell laptop screen goes black randomly after turned on, you must be stuck and the usual way is to reboot, but forcefully. Do the following :

  • Disconnect all the external peripherals such as printer or any USB devices from the system
  • Turn off your laptop by long-press the power button for at least 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Detach the AC adaptor, remove the battery and wait for at least two minutes.
  • Place the battery back in and plug the charger.
  • Press the power button to turn in your laptop

If your Dell laptop still doesn’t show the signs of recovery, then you have to reboot into the Safe Mode to fix it.

Solution # 3 – Restart into Safe Mode

Rebooting the computer into the safe mode allows it to run in the basic state. This can help fix the Dell black screen issue. Here’s how you can do that :

  • Turn on your Laptop, if it is turned off.
  • Hold the Shift + F8 key to launch Recovery Mode Menu.
  • There are chances where you might have to hit multiple attempts to enter into the Safe mode.
  • In the Recovery Mode menu, select See advanced pair options>Troubleshoot>Advanced Options>Windows Startup Settings>Restart.

If the black screen still persists, then switch to solution 4 to restart your explorer.exe process.

Solution # 4 – Restart you explorer.exe process

Explorer.exe is the part of the task manager that manages all the programs and processes currently running on the laptop. If a certain launched program is not performing up to mark, it will automatically lead to a Dell laptop black screen problem. To reboot explorer.exe, do the following :

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc key to launch the task manager in your system. In the task manager window, switch to the Details tab.
  • Click to select explorer.exe from the list of available options. Click on the End Task button at the button right.

At last, restart your laptop and your Dell monitor black screen problem might be fixed by now.

Solution # 5 – Update BIOS

Another reason for the Dell computer black screen problem could be a corrupt or outdated BIOS version. All it takes is to reset your bios by doing this :

  • Reboot your laptop and wait until it becomes idle and silent.
  • Press F2 or F12 key to launch the Entering Setup screen.
  • Press the F9 key to load the default settings.
  • Click to select the Save and Exit button, to exit the BIOS screen. It will allow your system’s BIOS setting to reset.

You can also try to update your BIOS to the latest version if resetting the BIOS to the factory defaults won’t fix the problem.

Solution # 6 – Perform Hard Reset

If you’ve tried all the above options and still Dell computer black screen doesn’t seem to get fixed, then hard reset could be useful. Performing a hard reset means removing all the power sources from the laptop and rebooting it. This is how you can do it :

  • Turn off your laptop and disconnect all the peripheral devices connected to it.
  • Remove the AC adaptor and battery from the laptop.
  • Long press the power button now, to drain the remaining battery.
  • Plug the battery back in the laptop and try to start it to see if the error is fixed.

As we have discussed all the possible solutions for you, as a reference we are putting some dell laptop’s models that may trouble you with the Dell laptop black screen issue.

Dell XPS Dell XPS 13 Dell Latitude Dell P Series P2419H

If you still continue to face Dell computer black screen issue after trying all the aforementioned solutions, feel free to reach our tech resolution specialists at Errosdoc for all your Dell laptop or PC issues. Our professionals are adept at dealing with all the tech-related issues permanently. And, your system will not give you a hard time ever. That’s our promise!

Let us know what other tech issues are hampering your work life. Write your all queries and concerns in the comment box, and our next post would be on it! We deliver our promises just like our solutions.


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