Markets and customer base are shrinking in the current covid-19 era, a scenario one did not foresee a year ago. Even enterprise scale businesses that would not have given much thought to losing a single customer are now sitting up and taking notice of just how vital it is to retain market share and even grow. One way to achieve this is to have an excellent communications and customer service infrastructure based on the right omnichannel call center software.

How call center software re-energizes enterprises 
Despite corona induced economy contraction you will find that the contact center software market is alive and thriving, expected to exceed $ 35 billion by 2023. The spotlight is on using it as a tool for capturing new customers, nurturing existing ones and maintaining excellent lines of communications. Use of call center software in enterprise scale businesses is growing since it leads to better communication and customer management. Use of this software in large businesses has shown results like 80% of calls being answered within 20 seconds and that too by the right person regardless of the time or the channel of communication. This translates to conversions or better customer satisfaction leading to revenue generation and growth.

In-house is cheaper and better
Large enterprises have big overheads and a huge customer base. In this sector you have financial services, consumer services, insurance and technology companies striving to stay afloat. Some employees have been laid off and some are working from home with a huge workload to handle. One cost cutting measure is for such large enterprises to stop outsourcing customer services to call centers and install in-house call center software or go for the subscription model. It is cheaper and better in several ways.

Pay as you go
You pay only for use of the software and not for employees in call centers to deliver services, which can be done by your employees as part of their duties.

Better and faster response to leads and complaints
Your employees know the business and can respond better to complaints or to leads.
All your leads go into CRM for fast follow up once you set up the contact center software to alert you and prioritize leads follow up.

Single dashboard omnichannel view
Your employees have a single dashboard view of multiple channels of communication such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS and chat. If a customer dictates the use of one channel your employee can nimbly hop over to that channel or even invite a video chat. The result is happy interaction for both and satisfactory outcomes.

Conduct campaigns
Campaigns today are more indispensable than ever. With the call center software at your command you can plan and initiate any number of campaigns for sales, lead generation and survey. You can send out offers through voicemail or text and get more business by using the IVR/predictive dialer and CRM combination. More campaigns translate to increase in knowledge as well as more leads and keeping your finger on the pulse of the market.  All such data goes into your CRM and call center software analytics module to help you derive intelligence in real time. You can have conversational chatbots to engage customers. The possibilities are many and cost does not become a deterring factor.

The other side of the coin
Call center software does prove to be of great value in customer service and new customer capture. However, there is another side to it.

Collaborate and communicate
A dispersed workforce presents a challenge when it is about team collaboration. No need to let this be a constraint. You can simply use the conferencing feature of call center solution to let employees keep in touch with one another and collaborate, interact and exchange documents.

Any time anywhere access
With access to the software and backend CRM on mobile phones even remote employees are not constrained in addressing customer queries or interacting with other colleagues in different branches of the large enterprise.

Train everyone
Here too you have the audio-video conferencing tool to serve as a virtual online classroom.

Celebrating small events are part of large corporate lifestyles. Doing it becomes easy through the video conferencing feature of the contact center solution. Even if it is virtual, the online celebration helps to keep energies flowing and cements relationships.

The software is a tool. If you have a narrow perspective of its use you will make less use of its potential. Exploit it to the maximum, such as sending out a variety of greetings and offers to build relationships with customers and it will give rich returns. Let it become the prime tool for internal communications to tie together remote workers and branches and you improve internal working that will reflect on external operations. Get the right omnichannel contact center software and re-energize your enterprise.

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