Times change. Methods of communication change. Take the case of schools. The good old way to communicate was to use the school’s public address system, circulars, phone calls, email and notice boards. Days are different now with many institutions not conducting physical classes but resorting to distance education. This calls for different method of keeping everyone notified and for this voice broadcasting solution proves ideal.

Simple and easy to use
School management has the option of in-house voice broadcasting software or hosted model. The latter allows anytime, anytime access and is more preferable given the current situation. Anyway, it is so easy to use anyone with minimum computer knowledge can use the voice broadcasting solution. The steps are simple:
Select a list of recipients from your CRM connected with the software
Record your voice message or use the built in text to speech conversion utility
Link with list of recipients and click to send. It is as easy as that. The software works unattended while you are free to work on something else.

The software takes care of DNC numbers. When the voice message goes out the software checks for bandwidth and internet speed and automatically slows down or speeds up transmission. If some numbers do not respond then the software automatically redials. You get a report on voice messages broadcast and receipt.

With the right software you can take it a step further to personalize the message content such as linking fee amount or exam results with specific numbers. There is a lot you can do with the voice broadcast software.

Send out fast notifications
You schedule online classes or a conference of teachers. Something unexpected occurs, such as a technical glitch or incessant rains. Everyone will be left wondering as to what has happened. It takes just a few minutes to prepare a notification and send it out to all participants. Likewise, if you wish to convene an emergency meeting of staff or faculty online, the voice broadcast software proves invaluable. The solution is multi-functional and versatile. You can use it for a variety of purposes:
Solicit donations for some charitable activity
Invite students to take part in volunteer programs
Report status of students to parents
Inform teachers, students and parents about special events online
Make announcements about term starting, fee changes, enrolment
Let everyone know about outcome of a meeting and decisions taken
The list can go on. In short, whenever you think of using email or phone, think voice broadcast instead. It saves time and effort and messages go out in just seconds to thousands of targets.

More effective
Voice broadcasts go out to target recipients’ mobile phones. The voice broadcast software usually also includes SMS facility. This means you can send out both voice and text message. Unlike emails that may not be read immediately, voice and text messages are almost always accessed and read/heard. It is more effective.

Would you spend hours in dialing each number manually to inform thousands of parents and students about an important matter? It could take days. Where immediacy matters then there is nothing like voice broadcast that does away with the tedium of phone calls. With just one click a prerecorded voice message goes out to targets in a few seconds. The software automatically confirms delivery so you have peace of mind knowing that everyone has received your important and urgent message. There is consistency too, in that the same message is broadcast. While phoning you may forget to mention something important. It does not happen when you broadcast voice messages.

These days you never know when government policies may change and it is important that such changes, if they affect teaching online or holding physical classes or conducting exams, are brought to the attention of those involved.

Think about it. If you have to send out such notifications to parents/teachers/students every day you would have to spend a lot of time phoning or emailing. Voice broadcasts take just a couple of minutes. Your employee efficiency improves.

Do it from anywhere and at any time
As said above the current situation is fluid. You may come to know of something important while you are at home and it must be communicated to every student or parent or teacher. Voice broadcast is possible using your mobile phone when you use hosted voice broadcast solution. Access list of contacts, record your message on your mobile and tap to send. Plus, you can send out voice message in multiple languages and configure the system to request for confirmatory response from targets.

Voice broadcast is an invaluable tool, bridging the great communications divide and helping school operators reduce costs, dependence on manpower and improve their image. It costs less and entails less effort while guaranteeing excellent transmission of information. Get one now. It more than repays the investment you make in voice broadcasting solution. Choose Asterisk voice broadcasting solution—it works like a charm and costs less.


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