Are you still wondering how you can create Instagram videos which might resonate with your potential audience? Are you currently looking for some inspiration? There are some proven ways available for using the IG video with the aim of enhancing stories and even addressing timeline with the current engaging contents now. The steps are rather simple and it won’t take much from your side to start using Instagram stories based videos in favor of your business growth for sure.

Adding up IG stories videos:

Around an estimated of over 250 million active users are known to view Instagram videos on a daily basis. Stories content will have a lifespan of only 24 hours. Therefore, it actually generates a sense of urgency. There are some proven ways in which you can use IG stories videos for promoting businesses.

Sharing the limited time offers to it:

The current time-sensitive nature of the IG stories will provide you with the amazing opportunity to just tap right into people’s love towards deals. One best way to work on that is by adding limited time offer in your IG stories.

  • You can randomly choose the post that might feature the said offer just to help the viewers keep guessing.
  • You can always set up an offer so that it can easily be redeemed only within the said lifespan of the story itself, which will be for 24 hours.
  • This step will definitely help people to come back more for your upcoming stories in hopes of getting one deal like this one.

Introducing people who are behind your services and products:

After the stories have attached the current attention of the audience, you can always go just beyond the special deals, offers and then coupons. If you want, you can always add that human touch to content by showing those hardworking people working behind your brand. For some help in this regard, you can always catch up with for help.

  • If you want, you can always get individual members of the team to come and share their contribution of getting the item into the market.
  • In case, you want, you can always create the brief montage on how you actually manufacture your product and then post that video. It will make more people come towards your side and gain some knowledge.

Time to show products in action:

Showing your viewers a sneak peek of your item can always be a perfect visual companion to the current spec sheet. Whenever you are actually creating a video, you can present your viewers with the special feel for what that item might look like and the notable features available in that lot.

  • Always remember that IG stories are to be made genuine and following in-moments interactions. The same goes for those associated with the art of WordPress.
  • Trying to showcase the people some upgraded new looks or technology of the WordPress world through the IG videos can be a great idea surely.
  • Always remember that the video is always unscripted and it has to be the spontaneous representation of the current item in action.

Give chance to influencer to come and take over the story:

Those days are history when only big brands with hefty economic value can attach a recognizable face to their services and items. With the help of social media, mainly the field of IG, businesses of multiple sizes now have the right to reach out to the influencers in various niches for sure. Trying to partner with the relevant influencer for taking over IG stories will allow you to just introduce content to the audience.

  • Adding up Instagram timeline videos:

Videos will play automatically and can always be up for 60 seconds maximum.  That will make it a lot easier for the viewers to get through. There are some easy examples for your businesses to follow, just to make use of the timeline videos well.

  • Always highlight the items:

Try to showcase items in a cool manner. While creating product video, you can always focus on some of the key features for keeping viewers interested and also for dazzling them with some of the attention-grabbing footage.

  • Try producing a DIY:

You might be thinking whether a minute is enough for making a useful DIY video or not. The simple answer is yes. Moreover, be ready to get surprised on what you can accomplish in that small 60 seconds video. Just try to make those videos as useful as possible so that viewers can actually gain a good knowledge after going through the videos. Don’t just go for the baseless and meaningless DIY ones.

  • Plan to create some short commercials:

Some of the short commercials on IG can prove to be emotional, funny or even inspirational. These are some great ways to portray your item in an artistic way or just link it to a particular lifestyle.

Effective forms of IG videos:

Whenever you are trying to make a video, you have to be as creative as possible. For that, sometimes you might have to break some rules. In case you are just starting out, there are some proven tactics to lead the way and help you craft right video from the start.

  • You can try using text overlay and subtitles to tell stories. Always remember that some viewers will not have the opportunity to turn up the volume on the IG video. In case the content is not understandable with the sound muted, they won’t hang around it.
  • Using the text overlays in videos will help viewers to catch up with the gist of the message. Moreover, adding subtitles throughout will further allow users to just follow any narration playing over the footage.
  • However, don’t just rely on the tactics to get the message across. You can communicate any coherent narrative through footage, images, and editing as well.

Following some simple and easy points are what you need to consider whenever you are dealing with IG videos in the business section. You never know how social media can actually affect your business side well.


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