E- Surveillance is the need of an hour. It ensures of safety and security of employees as well as assets of the company. It also assists in tracking and monitoring the activities of various persons that enter the office premises or residential areas. They serve as evidence in case of any unwanted events. E- Surveillance also ensures that there is no unauthorized access to the premises. It is fundamental to have a good security system in place, and for this, one must avail of the enterprise e-surveillance companies services.

There is an increase in demand for these systems because of various important roles they play. They are not only used by big business houses but in fact, everyone from small businesses to households is making use of these. There are used in residential areas, banks, businesses, railways, and also other government complexes. Thus one can spot these systems everywhere as it is important that one remain proactive. Otherwise, one may incur huge losses. This is because there are varieties of e-surveillance systems that can satisfy different wants of its user. The most commonly used system is alarms, CCTVs, etc. Their importance has grown tremendously as, with time, they have become a more advanced security system. They are utilized as they can be accessed from remote locations, thus providing convenience to its user. Besides these, they are also used for establishing control, face recognition, fire recognition and are also used for attendance system. These provide you protection against increasing crimes and thus instill a feeling of security and safety. Thus, it is vital to choose only the best security system, which enterprise e-surveillance companies can help to pick.

One can classify the security system on the basis of the functioning and the level of technological advancements. There are three categories of electronic surveillance system:

  • CCTV: This is the most common security system that is in use. With the help of these, one can easily watch over the area that one needs to get secured. The cameras work as eyes of the system that keep a close check on the areas, and thus it helps to notice any unusual activity. They also assist their user in recording the videos for any future use. They can also transfer the information to the remote access location. In case one detects any suspicious activity through CCTV, one can quickly set on the alarm and thus take the required corrective action on time. There is a further advancement in CCTV, which led to the introduction of IP surveillance system which makes use of network and internet through with one can send digitized audio or video to an area far away as much one can imagine. Thus, ensuring security from any part of the world.
  • Alarming system: These systems send alerts to their users in case of detection of suspicious activity happening around the area where they are installed. They have an inbuilt sensor in the form of a detector that helps to get hold of suspicious activities. There are different types of sensors available in the market that one can use as per their requirements.
  • Access control system: Access control system is used in granting access from one room to another, ensuring that only authorized persons access the particular room for safety and security concerns. There are credentials and login details that are required to be filed in accessing the room. In advanced access control systems, pin credentials, biometrics, face recognition, etc., are in place for better security and safety.

These are the basic categories of an e-surveillance system that are commonly in use. There are various reasons that one must install these security systems in their business areas. These reasons are mentioned below:

  • Assets Protection: E-security is essential as it protects your assets from both internal well as external theft. Assets may include money, furniture, or even sometimes IP, etc. These assets are valuable to the organization, and any loss of them can be devastating for the company. So one must do everything in their power to protect these from unwanted access. Installing the e-surveillance system is the cheapest as well as a convenient way of safeguarding your assets. One can easily track and monitor the activities and can easily notice any suspicious activity that may pose a threat to the assets and thus giving the businesses more time to combat these issues.
  • Employees Safety: Ensuring employee safety is the responsibility of employers. It is their duty to provide a safe working environment for their employees so that they can focus on their work without any stress or fear of their safety.
  • Using of security system will ensure employees of their security all the time. This will provide them with peace of mind, and also, one will be in a better place in case of emergency as they are aware of what the next step is required to take.
  • Theft control: These E-security systems also keep check on employees and provide you information about all the wrongdoings that your employees might indulge in. They can be put to use to monitor their activities and get hold of any criminal activity. They are essential to control internal theft. These must be installed where the chances of these thefts are high.
  • Access: With time, the enterprise e-surveillance services have become advanced that help the businesses to have access to them from anywhere. Thus now, one need not have to worry about leaving the premises unattended as they have all details and video recording, ensuring safety and security all the time.
  • Video Analytics: Nowadays, businesses are making use of the e-surveillance system to come up with business strategies as well. This is done through examining and analysis of the life and recorded video. One can make use of these to develop effective marketing strategies.
  • Value for money: E-security systems give value for the money and much-needed peace. By investing in these, one will definitely not regret their decision as now one is aware they are in constant protection of these systems.

Hence these reasons clearly explain why there is a need for businesses to install these enterprise e-surveillance services and thereby enjoy their benefits.


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