Mobile Marketing Strategies

Over the time, the little, smart and handy mobile phone is catching up the entire buzz. On one side, it’s a cool gadget that serves all the knowledge and information on a platter and screen. On the other, it’s filling the void in our lives with all the virtual glitz and gumption. The infiltration of mobile into our lives doesn’t stop there. It has entered a hitherto uncharted terrain of marketing leaving businesses no other option rather than aligning all their initiatives and strategies in line with the mobile user. If you can’t make a campaign, newsletter, email, advertisement mobile-friendly, you’ve already missed the bus to grab your prospects and nurture them to bring sales to the table.

Cometh the holiday season, the businesses unleash loads of deals and offers, and the busy shopper uses his/her mobile to check out all the products. Also the survey reports reaffirm that close of 60 percent of traffic to the websites come from the mobile devices. Even the Black Friday sales done through mobile devices have grown 2X.

The traditional marketing needs an overhaul, and new plans and tactics have to be chalked out to reach the customer who reviews and buys the needy products on mobile. Adding to that, if you are a small business, you can’t shell out a massive pie of your investments on mobile marketing. So, let’s look at the five spokes that holds the wheel of your mobile marketing.

1. Right keyword is a MUST

There’s a notion that keyword strategy and mobile marketing are alienated. The truth is that the former is not just related to content marketing but also works a charm for mobile marketing initiatives. As most of the mobile customers search for products locally, always make sure to conjugate your local area with the keyword. Don’t forget to keep the keyword phrases short and sweet – fewer than three.

2. Sales and special offers are MUST

As a brand you have to catch the market pulse and grab the attention of your buyers in a limited window of opportunity. To take it further you can introduce an offer first on the app or mobile website. Inclusion of opt-in on the site allows visitors to receive alerts about offers. Also roll out a series of discounts for customers buying from the mobile platform.

You can send out personalized messages and include mobile messaging in campaigns with the use Mobile Marketing tools such as Agile CRM. A check on your loyalty programs, ease at which they take in more customers, credit card integrations can be made possible with Swipely. Getting close to the right marketing tool takes you closer to your customers.

3. Contact information is a MUST

It’s always a good strategy to share your contact information with your customers. If you are an ecommerce portal, you can drop in the email of your support team. If you are a brick-and-mortar establishment, you have to provide the address along with the location map.

4. Compatibility is a MUST

Today’s customers fancy a wide range of mobile devices. So, brands must ensure that their website is compatible with all the devices across platforms. Also, it’s important to update the marketing materials to sync with the latest available devices in the market.

5. Hyperlocalization is a MUST

Research says that a major chunk of shopping happens within 10-15 km radius of a customer’s location. Businesses must embrace hyper localized marketing, which is a combo of big data analytics and geo-location technology. With the use of this they can leverage location data and social data insights. This enables your customers to access relevant and personalized information. To illustrate, you can offer discounts to customers based on their location and number of visits to a particular store.

These 5 strategies can help you break into the complex terrain of mobile marketing.


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