The Internet – endless expanses. It makes sense to advertise your own website to attract more customers. An SEO agency is needed. Agencies are now like sand, the SEO industry is a booming market. But like everywhere, there are not only professionals, but also many black sheep. To help you find the right partner, we give you tips on what to look for when looking for your SEO agency and which common mistakes to avoid.

As with other specialists, whether doctor, lawyer or electrician, your counterpart will have more expertise in his area. That is exactly why you are looking for an expert. Unfortunately, this also means that it is difficult to estimate who really has a clue or spits out incorrect information. So we have to make choices about things that we can assess.

Recommendations from reputable sources

You surely know someone you trust and who already works with an SEO agency. A better way is to read Ducima Analytics Reviews and comments on Google my business. Ask the person what services are used and about previous experiences. Personal recommendations are still one of the best ways to find a good agency.

Have the procedure explained

Talk about your goals and let us explain how the project would work. If you start talking to SEO as a need and you only hear about ad serving, SEO is probably just a secondary service. Full-service agencies should listen carefully, not just what is recommended, but also how. Make sure that the peculiarities of your project and your industry are addressed. Try to find out whether the service is structured (editorial plans, checklists, etc.) or whether you are working in any way.

Transparent reports

Ask how the reporting works. At best, an example can be shown to you. A monthly report is usually useful. In the case of longer intervals, negative developments may be recognized too late, and weekly or even daily evaluations usually only take up your time unnecessarily, without promoting any significant new insights. Are key indicators such as user numbers and work performed shown in the report? Is there a customer area that you can view as needed? Is it possible to make individual agreements? The more transparent the report is, the better control options you have and the more reliable the agency is in its services.

Meaningful contract duration

You have probably heard many times that search engine optimization takes time. In fact, you should move for contract lengths between 6 months and 1 year. Depending on the investment, success can also occur more quickly, but it is only after 6 months that you can really tell whether it is the SEO measures that are responsible for it. Everything under 6 months is rarely meaningful enough, it can also be a random market fluctuation, positive or negative. At the same time, experience has shown that anything over a year is not necessary.


Even without expert knowledge, you have enough options to separate the wheat from the chaff. Let yourself be advised, not scared. Find out as much as possible about the course of the project and, as far as possible, how it works internally. If you still face doubts then you can go on Google and can read Ducima Analytics Reviews to find what others say about the company.


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