Increase Backlinks

Companies are going to spend around $79 billion by the year 2020 for SEO. Link authority is referred to the total number of sites of high quality that are linked to your website. They are considered to be the most significant ranking signals. Encouraging the other high-quality sites to start linking with your site is undoubtedly a difficult as well as a necessary aspect that is associated with Search Engine Optimization. Backlinks are the links to your website from the other sites. All the links are known to serve as validation for the search engines, which are worthy to get ranked. However, it is not at all easy to get the backlinks. Given below is a list of the ways with the help of which you can increase the backlinks.

Creating compelling content

Creating great content, which people love visiting and linking to, is extremely important and this advice is provided by Google. However, visibility is essential so that the visitors can easily discover the great content. Without being able to discover your contents, people will not be able to judge whether they are good or bad.

Engaging in the community outreach

A single way of receiving something is by asking for that particular thing. A number of companies are known to have the programs of community outreach in a proper place, for instance, the public relations staff. This helps in nurturing the online connection for distributing information and news, like the internal posts. It is your duty to work with your PR personnel so that you can assist them to understand the Search Engine Optimization value of getting links. You need to explain the pages that are valuable. To know more, you can visit the website of Tayloright.

Promoting on social media

This is almost similar to the community outreach. Social media is capable of making your content visible to more people very fast. However, social media is not considered to be the direct form of acquiring a link. You are not going to ask for the link, instead, you are putting your content out for the people, so that they can engage with them. Few people may either own their own blog or site, and few may create links to the promoted content. You should promote your posts on your social media accounts in such a manner, with a link and the teaser, which will compel people to click on the site. This helps in generating traffic as well as increasing links from the followers’ site to your site.

Using your experts

The executive team is going to be passionate about all the things that your company is selling. Make use of that passion for offering web conferences or podcasts. If the executive of your company speaks at a particular conference, it is obvious that the host is going to include the biography of your company. Use these as opportunities for obtaining links to your own site.


There can be no better way than these for increasing backlinks, so ensure that you follow the strategies mentioned above.


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