Nobody can find you if your website does not feature in top rankings of search engines. Traffic to your site will only happen when your site is visible to the world.

So, if someone makes a search and your site does not feature in search results, there will be no traffic at all. Similarly, if your site is not on the number one or two of search engines, there will always be zero traffic your way.

Thank god you have SEO (search engine optimization) for help as it can not only increase your site’s visibility in search engine but will also boost traffic.

It’s a powerful yet quite affordable online marketing technique to improve the search engine performance and rankings of your website. With some helpful SEO steps and activities, you can always improve the traffic to your website.

Here are tips to improve the traffic of your website through SEO activities –

1. Improve your page loading speed
If your page load speed is low, it will have negative impact on your site’s ranking and search engine performance. Visitors often avoid sites that load slowly and this can always affect its traffic. So, the goal should be to make the page loads fast and this SEO activity can always deliver positive results to site traffic.

2. Produce high quality content
When you publish high-quality content it will always have a positive impact on the search engine performance of your website. The content should be relevant with the purpose to inform, engage, entertain or enlighten the users. By posting fresh content on your site or blog, you can always drive more traffic your way and that’s why this SEO activity can be pursued for better rankings and more traffic.

3. Optimize your images
The size of pictures and images on your website can have a huge impact on its search engine performance and rankings. When the image size is enormous, it can slow down the page loading time which we know is never good for the site. So, it’s always better to resize or compress the images and then optimize them, and use keywords in the title of the image for better rankings.

4. Do blogging
Blogging is a great way to engage with your target audience and increase traffic to your website. In fact, blogging regularly can improve SEO rankings of your website. With your blog posts, you can always clear doubts of readers; answer their questions; spread information; and keep their attention. With updated and relevant content using right keywords you can always improve the traffic of your website.

5. Use outbound links
Using outbound links is a great SEO activity to boost the credibility and trust quotient of your website. This also indicates that linking to authoritative sources can always add trustworthiness to your website in true sense. Links are always more than handy to increase the worth of your site and achieve more visitors easily. You can also include internal links to direct visitors to other pages on the site.

6. Fix broken links
Broken links are always bad for your site’s SEO rankings. The more you site has broken links the worse will be its visibility and performance in search engines. It’s however easy to use tools to find broken links or links with errors on your site and fix the problem straight away. By fixing the problem of broken links you can definitely improve the traffic to your site.

7. Be active on social media
You can boost your site’s SEO rankings by staying active on social media and by encouraging sharing across platforms. When people share links and posts and content of your site on social channel it will always have a positive effect on its ranking and visitors. Social shares have a big impact on search engine visibility of any website and you should understand that well.

8. Use keywords
Keywords have a big role to play in increasing the visibility of your website in search engines. When your content and site elements have relevant keywords, search engine will pick this up and thus your site’s rankings will have a positive impact. You can always use keywords in header tags, image captions; titles etc. and improve the search engine visibility of your business.

9. Create infographics
Infographics can do wonders for your site’s SEO ranking. With great design and relevant content, it will help you punch above the weight and improve the performance in search engines. When you infographics have attention-grabbing designs and information content, Google will always give it weight thereby increasing your site’s visibility. That’s why design matters together with content when it comes to boosting the site’s performance in search engines.

Clearly, a lot is there to achieve with best SEO service and it can help traffic to your site as well.


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