New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet said President Trump’s war on the press could endanger journalists’ safety overseas, according to a new report.

Baquet told CNN that Trump’s rhetoric that includes calling the press the “enemy of the people”sends a dangerous message across the world.

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“The President has sent a message to despots abroad that you can disrespect the press,” Baquet said. Baquet made the comments on The Axe Files, a show hosted by former Obama strategist David Axelrod and scheduled to air Saturday.

Baquet said that the Times has correspondents all over the world who are under threat from government authorities.

“How can my correspondent in Cairo, who covers a government that’s often antagonistic to the press, how can he make the case for the First Amendment and the power of the press and for covering that government independently when we have a president of the United States who says the things he says about the press?” he said. Source link


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