Not only was this teen track star racing toward the finish line, she was running toward her mom, who decided to surprise her on the track after a six-month deployment.

Right after 13-year-old Jada McGee of Edward Harris Junior Middle School in Sacramento, California, crossed the finish line, winning the relay race for her team, she dashed straight into her mom’s arms for the first time in half a year.

“I instantly started crying because I was excited to see her and I couldn’t believe it had happened,” Jada told T&T Creative Media.Capt. Erika Woods, who is stationed in Anchorage, Alaska, for a three-year assignment, said she had not been able to make it to any of her daughter’s races this year.

“It’s been pretty tough not being able to see her run during the regular season, I normally was able to make most of her basketball games she has, ballet recitals, gymnastics,” Woods said. “Being apart from my children and not being able to be there for their activities is really hard.” Read more


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