Is it hard to admit that the businesses and marketing strategies are changing? If you are someone who finds it hard to adopt the new changes, then it might be difficult for you. But, the truth is that unless you don’t actively go along with the flow and adopt the new changes, you will always lag behind. The industry is changing with every passing day. Without a doubt, it has become increasingly competitive. You need to be innovative about your marketing strategies all the time. In order to bring in new customers and keeping the current customers engaged with new services are going to take a lot of time, effort, energy, and innovation. Take the instance of the marketing campaign of Optimum. Each year they introduce Cox Cable Packages with brand new features. Their marketing strategies keep changing and that keeps the clientele interested and engaged.

If you are in a marketing-related position, know that the wasting time looking for clients is not the worst thing. The worst thing is the time that you waste on marketing strategies, which have become redundant and useless. That’s exactly why you need to be well aware of the marketing strategies, which don’t work anymore. We are going to mention the obsolete marketing tactics below which have been tried, tested and failed by various professionals.

Handing Out Flyers and Business Cards

Do you still stand outside the church or a busy mall and hand out business cards or flyers? Well, it has been done. And, it creates a sudden ill-will at the receiver’s end. They feel bugged with the instant pressure to receive something that they didn’t ask for.

Instead, you can use internet forums such as social networking sites to spread awareness about your brand.

Wait for the Business to Come Itself

Are you waiting for the work to come to you? Know that it’s a redundant strategy and you cannot just wait for clients to walk in. You need to be active and engaging. The market is full of efficient competitors (who are not waiting for customers to find them) and you have to make an effort to reach out to your client.

Let your customers know that you are accepting new clients.

Making a Marketing Strategy Just Once

Devising marketing strategy is an evolving and ever-changing process. You cannot make a stagnant marketing strategy and pronounce it functional for a lifetime. It has to change and if you don’t keep up with the latest trends, you are bound to fail.
Also, you shouldn’t try sequential strategies at once. They will render the same verdict.

List Everything That You Do

Giving your clients a long, laundry list of the offered services and things you do is a bad, bad idea. The customers will hate it. Their eyes will ache and they will not even give a complete read. They will be unable to retain all this excess, uninvited information.

Instead, make use of the monthly Newsletter online and introduce your services there gradually.


Are you cold-calling different business owners? It may sound good in theory, but the legislation called ‘Do not call’, has made thousands of financial advisors and insurance agents adopt this approach. Know that a screener or voicemail will ultimately stop you.

Instead, you can call on the weekends and evenings. While the screeners have gone home, the business owners are habitual of staying back.

Marketing to the Country Club Members

This essentially includes any organization that has a private membership list. If you don’t know already, there’s a warning that says, ‘Not to be used for commercial purposes.’ If you are wondering, how they know that, then the reason is that the list is seeded with tons of dummy names all the time. You cannot use that list without permission and when you do the organization gets to know.

You need to find the members’ name on the list from multiple sources. Know that professionals require licenses and you can find them in the public-access databases.

Blasting Emails

If you are blasting emails to your clients, know that it’s equivalent to the junk mail! There is a notation that says that the email is sent from a list. And, don’t think that if the client is not unsubscribing, he wants to receive them.

Instead, ask clients if they want to receive the monthly eNewsletter. Convince them and make a case why skimming through the contents will be worth their time.

These were just a few instances. While you need to refrain from practicing obsolete marketing strategies, you need to keep an eye on the new tactics constantly. Look for inspiration online. The websites of different brands and providers are using different marketing tactics. For instance, if you go to the website of Optimum, you will find engaging content and layout, especially on the Comcast Double Play Deals page. Browse and discover the innovative marketing strategies that people use.


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