social media marketing
social media marketing

Almost every business owner wants to get more clients and boost sales. But the question is where should your brand be focusing its efforts and energy on especially when it comes to social media. How can entrepreneurs improve their social media efforts to grow their business in 2018?

Social media is undoubtedly an effective and results-driven strategy that you can add in your marketing strategy to gain more and new customers and increase your brand presence. But the challenging part is to understand the methods and strategy that work and give you satisfied results.  

Following are a few social media marketing tips that help you grow your business in 2018.

Engagement is Key

Remember people prefer to buy things that they like most and recognize them. They don’t like to buy from brands that send hard sales pitches or the same boring posts over and over.

Therefore, it is advised to add a human touch by sharing informative posts, live videos, behind-the-scenes clips, infographics and GIFs to get your audience know about your brand.

It is important to listen to your target group so that you know how to craft your posts for your target audience, understand what their pain points are and how can your products or services help them.

Don’t Try to Reach Everyone

If you want to reach everyone, you are surely setting your brand up for failure. Don’t make this mistake. Trying to be the most famous and well-renowned brand in your industry on nearly every social media marketing platform is nearly impossible.

Just because every brand is using Instagram, doesn’t mean your brand should have an account on Instagram. Find out where your target audience exists and on which platforms they spend most of their time.

Then strive to create a strong online presence on those social media networks. Focusing on your social media efforts on channels where your audience exists can do wonders.

Using the Right Hashtags is Key

Hashtags are indeed an effective way to find your target customers and increase your brand discover-ability. It is important to do proper research to know what your target group is talking about.

You can use hashtags that focuses your company event, brand, product or any topic. Hashtags can also be used to figure out what people are talking about and how your brand can use them. Using branded hashtags can also improve your brand discover-ability.

Focus on Other Techniques

Social media is indeed a critical part of the overall marketing strategy that gives you complete access to reach a wider audience that you can’t be able to reach through any other medium. But that doesn’t mean to ignore other marketing techniques. Email marketing is an important yet effective technique that needs your time and focus too.

You can use social media to start a conversation and then move it onto emails for detailed conversations. In addition, it is also important to attend networking events to make loyal and strong connections with your potential clients and customers.


Having a great plan is important to get the desired results. Craft your posts with careful planning and research and make sure your content is relevant to your target audience and the specific platform you are investing your efforts in.

I hope, following these simple and easy tips will help your brand to use social media more strategically to grow your business and increase your ROI in 2018.


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