Kush Diamonds
Kush Diamonds

When choosing a diamond engagement ring, it pays to work with a professional jeweller. Not all gems are created equal and honesty and integrity are vital when choosing the stones to create your dream ring. Find a jeweller with an excellent reputation, one that has built a loyal customer base and been trading for some time. Integrity speaks for itself, building a relationship of trust and open communication with your chosen company is an important part of the ring design and production process.

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With forty years in the business, Kush Diamonds understands a thing or two about these sparkling rocks. They are unique in the Australian market as being not only a jewellery but a diamond wholesaler too. For their clients this means a one stop shop for buying loose stones, ring design and manufacturing. This can streamline a process that some find nerve wracking or even a little intimidating. It also offers the added bonus of saving a few dollars, as by removing the margin between wholesalers and retailers, purchasers can take advantage of lower prices.

Besides the appealing cost saving, they can also design jewellery to your specifications, so if you have a dream ring in mind, or a favourite design or cut of diamond that you’d like to base a ring around, then look no further. The wonderful thing about creating your own bespoke engagement rings is that you end up with a completely individual piece, unlike all others. A ring that truly reflects your own personality and the uniqueness of your relationship. In a world of mass production, the ability to have control over the design of something so special is a real treat and something treasured by many. The influences surrounding its design and production also creates fabulous memories and stories, that can be enjoyed and retold to friends and family down the years.

Another special aspect of Kush Diamonds is that their jewellery design and production is all carried out in house, locally within their Melbourne studio. Typically we have no idea where or how our items are designed and made, so the transparency offered by this jeweller is like a breath of fresh air and adds to the special process of creating bespoke engagement rings. It’s a journey like no other, crafting a token of love to be enjoyed for a lifetime and even handed down through the generations of your family. If the tale of its coming in to being can be passed along with it, what a special heirloom this piece of jewellery can become.

The right jeweller will share the excitement of your engagement and the joy of your romance and wedding ceremony. Having a helping hand to guide you through the production of the centrepiece to your love story is worth its weight in gold. A professional team that are available to offer knowledgeable advice and assistance at the right times is priceless. They should take the time to understand your taste, preferences and budget and point you in the right direction when needed.


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