The Disturb sleep pattern can easily destroy your normal body routine, mood swings and often waking up in the middle of the night. This is annoying whether for a baby or an adult especially so frustrating for parents.

But you must keep this thing in mind that this is a temporary process which happens with almost every human being from the very beginning, all you need to do is work with patience in order to get rid of this as early as you can.

Sleep regression mostly occurs with newborns. Here in this article, we will discuss the 4-month sleep regression in more detail and all the facts that cause this state!

Signs of sleep regression

If you feel a change in the routine sleep schedule of your baby that changes all of the sudden that’s the first sign of sleep regression! As the first stage is a disturbed sleep pattern which changes suddenly in the age of 4 months of a baby. while other signs may include

  • Lack of Nap
  • Change in eating pattern
  • Night wakings
  • Fussiness

But you don’t need to worry as this is a part of the growing up process which occurs in many babies. It’s a temporary process as we have mentioned this above also that you need to work with patience because a 4-month child can actually start feeling the surrounding and become more engaged towards it including you!

But you should also take care of their medical treatment as sometimes a few of the illnesses can also be the cause of lack of sleep. That means that you need to be very very crucial for the first 2 years of your child.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you in preventing sleep regression.

By keeping the room dark

While preparing your child for the nap session make sure that you keep the room as dark as possible because this will help them for better sleep. In case they woke up early, by the darkness in the room they will fall back asleep again! Same goes for the morning wakeup time, make sure that you fill your room with the natural sunlight as this will help the brain of the baby to receive the wake-up signal!

By introducing drowsy but Awake

It will be a good initiative if you stay with the baby until they fall asleep and keep on assuring them your physical and verbal existence as this will help them for better sleep even though if they woke up early, just hold them or rock them to sleep. This will help them learn how to put themselves to sleep!

By full feeding during day time

Mostly the baby wakes up in the middle of the night because of hunger! Make this a habit of your daily routine to feed them fully in the morning and just before getting the nap as this will help them not to wake up due to hunger.

As this age is very crucial so are the babies super curious about their surroundings and discovering the world. Make sure that while feeding there is no distraction for them and they are more focused towards eating as this will help them eat fully.

One more important thing is that avoid feeding them if they wake up at night every single time as this will become their habit to overcome their crying because you made them stop by feeding them at night.

By establishing a bedtime routine

You can maintain this habit from the very beginning as this will not only help them for better sleep but it will also give them a healthy and active body. Because sleep is also one of the facts that help the muscles to work properly.This can include things such as changing clothes, feeding, bath time etc.


Having said that, this state won’t last forever. You can prevent it by following the suggestions we have mentioned. We hope that this was a beneficial guide for you as we tried our best to bring the best alternatives for your baby. We hope that they have a sweet Nap.


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