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Certainly, you can go out and purchase a greeting card, however, nothing says love like the time and care it takes to make something homemade. Give your greeting cards a really close to home touch by making them yourself! Loved ones will be charmed to get your one of a kind plans via the post office, and it will take you less time than you might suspect.

Planning the Card

Locate a durable bit of paper. Cards is the most widely recognized sort of paper utilized for greeting cards, since it is thick and strong and intended to go up against pen ink. Development paper is likewise a decent alternative, as it will hold its shape well, however it is somewhat thicker than your run of the mill greeting cards.


Overlay the bit of paper into equal parts ground sirloin sandwich style

Lay your sheet of paper out and overlay it into equal parts from one short side to the next short side. Line up the sides and press down on the wrinkle. Paste on additional layering paper on the off chance that you need to add measurement to your handmade greeting cards. Here, you can utilize pieces of wrapping paper, tissue paper, finished specialty paper, or just extraordinary hued cards. Cut out a square or square shape bit of this paper and paste this second layer down onto the front of your greeting card.

Draw a straightforward structure in pen or indelible marker for a simple alternative

On the off chance that you need a moderate, eye-getting card, you can utilize white cards and attract a representation dark pen or marker on the front of the card. Utilize a wellspring or ballpoint pen to draw something straightforward, possibly a cupcake, a Christmas tree, or a menorah. This can give an extremely exquisite, proficient impact to your greeting card.

Include fun embellishments with stickers, tape, or dots

Paint a structure on the front of the greeting cards for a pretty touch. Get out an arrangement of watercolor or acrylic paints, some water, and a brush. Utilize watercolor for a delicate, conditioned down watch or experiment with acrylic paint for bolder, more brilliant hues and thicker surfaces. Ensure your base paper is a light white or beige shading for best outcomes.

Including Your Message

Compose the fundamental message on the front of the card

Utilizing pen or sharpie, work out the key message the greeting card is expected to show. In the event that you need to, work out a great greeting for the explicit event, as “Upbeat Father’s Day,” or “Glad Hanukkah.” Or, if it is anything but an occasion, think about something like, “Sending Hugs,” or “Miss You.”

Slice out letters from magazines to stick your message in collection design

Diverse surfaces and textual styles can add a cool component to your card. Just conceptualize what you need to state, for this situation “Glad Birthday,” and cut out the required letters from a magazine. Search for letters that are sufficiently huge to peruse effortlessly and that come in hues you like. At that point, stick them onto the card utilizing a paste stick.

Compose a more extended message within the card

Utilize within space to expound on the message on the front of the greeting card. For instance, if your greeting card is for Father’s Day, say something to your father regarding how thankful you are for him. Write in pen for a more point by point message and littler lettering, or utilize an indelible marker for a short message.

Add individual stories and subtleties to make the card more cozy

Contingent upon the event, it very well may be an incredible time to get somewhat nostalgic. On the off chance that it’s a companions birthday, work out reasons you adore having them as a companion. On the off chance that its Mother’s Day, give composing shot reasons you’re appreciative for your mother.

Making Homemade Envelopes

Locate a square bit of paper sufficiently vast for your greeting card

To test whether your card will fit inside this bit of paper. Turn the square with the goal that it would appear that a precious stone. Overlap the left and right corners in towards one another. Place your card on a level plane over these two collapsed corners. On the off chance that it fits inside the fringe of the square. The bit of paper is the correct size.

Place the square in a precious stone position and draw a ‘X’ from the corners

Line a ruler up from one corner to its contrary corner. Draw a line along the ruler with a pencil. Turn the paper 90 degrees, line up the ruler again from corner to inverse corner. 


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