Here is the time for the online shopping holiday season. Enjoy your best with the latest shopping deals at the most reasonable prices ever. This season has experienced a hike in the internet traffic over various best online shopping sites. The online holiday shopping statistics exhibit that UAE has experienced an average of 80% of online shopping retailers by UAE consumers. They are switching towards online modes of shopping and banking in order to avoid inconvenience caused by offline shopping. 

Also, the year 2020 marks the flourishing of online retailers and shopping sites due to the after-effects and ongoing situations of the pandemic. Holiday online shopping season is all talks among the UAE consumers owing to their digitally savvy and brand conscious nature. As per the survey reports, online holiday shopping statistics show eight out of ten UAE consumers are positive to shop online this holiday season rather than go to offline retail stores.

UAE Consumers Approach towards Online Shopping

The brand conscious and digital enrichment of UAE consumers has shifted their approach from traditional shopping methods to prefer online shopping for the holidays.  Amid the awareness of pandemic and more diversified choices on the online stores, the hike in online UAE customers is simply massive. UAE customers never fall short if grabbing online shopping holiday deals

Reasons why UAE consumers are switching to online holiday shopping

The online holiday shopping trends show the increase in the purchase of tech gadgets and clothes this online shopping holiday season. The increased number of online consumers in the UAE accounts for the following reasons:


    1. Increased Variety and Demand


Though offline retailing accounts for physically choosing and viewing the products you want to purchase. Still, online stores have managed to provide the best online holiday shopping.  Consumers enjoy a wide variety of products and items available in varied colors, sizes, and designs on the online stores. The increased diversity and demand for uniqueness among the UAE consumers have given an edge to online retail stores.


    2. Exciting Deals

image3-300x300 UAE Consumers Are Planning to Go Online for Holiday Shopping.

Looking for holiday deals in online shopping, well, this is the right time. UAE online retail sites have provided excellent deals to their customers, attracting a large amount of internet traffic. UAE consumers are extremely brand conscious and never step back from grabbing online shopping holiday deals of their favorite brands. The United Arab Emirates holds a large amount of fashion-conscious customers in the market, always ready to capture the best deal for themselves.

    3. Reasonable Rates

The online holiday shopping trends exhibit increased sales of affordable and medium-range products. Several online retail stores have managed to provide massive discounts to their customers and generate the best affordable rates for them. The experience of online shopping for the holidays has further been enhanced due to the ease with which the shoppers can compare the products based on their prices and features. The reasonable and decent buy options have boomed holiday online shopping this season.

    4. Personalization and Customization

Online shopping holiday deals are not just the reason for the online holiday shopping season boom. The increased efforts of e-retailers to enhance personalization for their customers have gained large momentum and support. Online shopping sites and apps can customize the products for them and give a personal touch to their shopping experience. UAE customers are increasingly positive and satisfied with the personalizing efforts of online retailers while at the same time, they discourage the old, ongoing traditional methods used by offline stores. Online holiday shopping statistics exhibit almost all the online retailing sites have resorted to personalizing and customization techniques to attract customers this online shopping holiday season.

Influence of online shopping in the market and dominance in the UAE market

UAE consumer market has entirely shifted its focus on the online shopping holidays. Most of the online holiday shopping tips suggest grabbing the best deals offered by the online retailers. The holiday shopping season has experienced increased sales of mobile phones and other technological gadgets. Recent online holiday shopping trends have exhibited the use of online payment methods and e-shopping sites among UAE customers. Besides that, online shopping for the holidays has experienced grabbing exclusive deals with UAE customers to buy clothes and shoes from their favorite brands.

Best online holiday shopping tips for the consumers

  • Compare: One of the best online holiday shopping tips is to compare and contrast different products online. Different online sites offer different prices for the same or relating products. One should compare the prices of the products available on different e-retailing sites and choose the most reasonable one and within your budget range.
  • Never miss a deal: Grabbing the holiday deals while online shopping is the best way to get out most benefits from the shopping deals. The retailers try to gather more customers on their sites by sending emails and notifications about the latest online holiday shopping deals. You might come across massive discount offers, buy one get one free deal, and other offers that might benefit you.
  • Read the descriptions carefully: Product description is the best way to know if the online holiday shopping deals are genuine and must grabbing. Even the UAE customers are increasingly aware of online shopping tactics and prefer reading online product descriptions and getting to know Faqs. Product descriptions will provide the best information regarding the product material, quality, and manufacturing and give you your best online holiday shopping experience.
  • Review Analysis: 

image3-300x300 UAE Consumers Are Planning to Go Online for Holiday Shopping.

Reading public reviews is an excellent way to prevent yourself from being a victim of fraud or dissatisfaction. Reading customer reviews gives exact and true information about product quality and standards. 


In UAE, the e-market is positively booming and popular due to increased shopping offers and awareness among the consumers. Other than that, the choices and variety provided by the e-retailers are very superior compared to the offline stores. Most of the UAE consumers are encouraging online shopping and increasingly supportive of online retailing business.


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