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What is a sleep suit bag? What makes it different and unique from Baby grow? How can it be useful? You’ll get to know about that here. Sleep suits are baby clothes and as the name suggests it is perfect for sleeping. Usually, they are made of cotton, they are comfortable and breathable will help your, little angel, to have a sound sleep. You can look for ergoPouch sleepsuit for babies online at Panda Kids. It can also be used with a five-point harness, so it’s a bonus.

Sleep suit Bags

The sleep suit bag is a Sleeping bag that can be transformed into a sleep suit with legs. This can be done with the help of a zip mechanism. This bag can be used for babies of 8 months up to 6 years, of course, they come in different sizes, designs, and colors.

Difference between baby grow and Sleep suit

Baby grow is kind of a t-shirt or vest with poppers to do up underneath. It can have sleeves, long or short. It also comes in sleeveless options. Sleep suit is like a one-piece outfit that covers arms, legs, and body, and has zippers.

Who can wear it

The sleep suit can be worn by your baby after he is 2 months, once your little one is rolling and has converted from swaddling to arms-out sleeping. They usually come in four sizes:

  • For 2-12 months- “bag” style is recommended.
  • For 12-24 months- convert ‘bag’ style to ‘suit’ style after 15 months, as soon as your angel starts to walk.
  • 2-4 years- It is recommended to use a ‘suit’ style for this age, as it can prevent injuries due to movement.
  • 4-6 years- It is recommended to use a ‘suit’ style for this age group, it will prevent any injuries caused by events such as cot climbing or leaving bed at night.

Converting Bag to suit config  

A sleep suit bag is designed to tackle mainly two problems that are traveling and walking.

When a baby begins to walk, this beautiful milestone can usually interrupt sleep.

Just imagine this, why would a toddler who has newfound leg freedom want to be confined in sleeping bags?

 Here Suit with legs configuration comes into play, now your little one will have space for sleep taekwondo. Legs mode also has additional benefits like it will allow older children to walk freely during the night if they wake up and seek you out. The suit will make your child’s landing more safer and stable, just in case if they somehow manage to climb over the cot. In this way, this product makes itself safer and stable than other traditional sleeping bags.

It is approved as hip-healthy by International Hip Dysplasia Institute, for both the Suit and Bag configuration.

TOG Rating

The unit for thermal measurement for sleepwear and bedding is TOG. The lower the TOG then the lighter the fabric and more suitable it is for hot Weather. The Sleep Suit Bag comes in four TOG rating;

  • 3 TOG
  • 0 TOG
  • 5 TOG
  • 5 TOG

These are all the choices you need.


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