Choosing gifts for your dad could require more brainstorming than you might ever imagine; more so, if you’re attempting to identify and buy one in the eleventh hour. Here are some awesome gift choices for your dad, which are easy to buy, has long lasting utility, relatable and is, last but not the least, affordable. May it be father’s day, his birthday, retirement day, it is pertinent to identify the right gift that fits the occasion. You could find these on gift sites of the sorts of Onebttl, who can deliver your desired gifts at your doorstep.

Whiskey Glass:Sipping some whiskey with the old buddies would require, most importantly, a classic whiskey glass that certainly elevates the experience. Whiskey glasses are specifically designed for experiencing the aroma as you sip the drink in. Enjoying whiskey has more to it than meets the eye; the appropriate format would make the vapours of the beverage escape freely, enabling the olfactory senses to complement the tasting of flavour, essentially making it possible to savour its taste in the best way possible. It is pertinent to choose the right whisky since it improves the drinkers’ enjoyment. The whiskey tumbler is the most popular style of whiskey glasses the way I see it.

Beer Glasses:A lazy Sunday morning definitely calls for a glass of beer, sipped from a classic beer glass for your dad. Any glass would not do, thanks to how frothy your beer could be. You could always get a pub style classic long beer glass which could fill up a handsome amount of beer, so that your dad can sit back and sip away without many refills. You could get beer glasses, custom made with dad quotes on Onebttl and similar pages.

Hip Flask:A hip flask could be one of the coolest improvisations evolved out of one of the most rudimentary of drink containers. However, hip flasks have now received so much hype, thanks to the history of hip flasks, which could be traced back to 18th Century Europe or to the US. Alcohol Prohibition, where people made good use of hip flasks to carry and conceal their drinks.  This could be yet another cool, affordable yet relatable gift for dads, available customised on websites such as Onebttl.

Coffee Mugs: Customised coffee mugs are a classic gift object which is popular owing to its flexibility in customisation, utility, affordability and durability. A ceramic mug, customised with quotes that match the specific occasion could serve as a simple yet impressive gift. Even if your dad isn’t necessarily into chugging beer or sipping whiskey, this gift could be relatable to a larger section of dads.

Wine Glasses: The right wine glasses elevate the drinking experience – may it be red wine, frothy champagne or wine, home made by your dad himself!! Wine glasses range across stemmed, stem-less or crystal glasses which could be brought online. Most wine glasses we might’ve seen sommeliers use are stemware, composed of a main goblet, followed by a stem and a base. However, stem-less glass, too, if chosen right, serve as adept and adorable wine glasses. Custom made wine glasses with dad quotes could be easily availed at websites of the sorts of Onebttl.

Accessories:Enough has been spoken about tumblers and such drinking utensils so far. If you look around and find that your dad isn’t keen on drinking utensils being gifts or doesn’t prioritize drinking, you might want to look for alternatives. Accessories could be a great choice even if these above mentioned gifts do not seem apt or your dad follows a rather busy work schedule. Accessories could range from custom journals, pens, diaries, wallets or other utility objects. You could get these gifts online with generic or specific customisations that fit the person and occasion.

Cups and Tumblers with Quotes: Apart from the above mentioned, alternatives may include customised tumblers, flasks, wine glasses and what not, which would leave you spoilt for choices even if you’re looking for a gift at the last minute, owing the sheer range of viable and attractive choices accessible to you. Inspirational quotes seem to have played a greater role in our dads’ generation compared to millennials or Gen Zs. Furthermore, quoted gifts might as well be more likely to touch a nerve, endearing you to the person even further.

Looking Around: Last but not the least, observation really counts in identifying the smart gift choice that fits the person and occasion. Your dad could be looking around for the best tumbler to savour his whiskey, might as well be looking forward to listening to the evergreen music hits by Queen, Boney M or Guns N’ Roses, or might as well be a fan of restoring antiques. For instance, he might as well be looking forward to finding a good type writer ribbon to have his typewriter from the 80s functioning; typewriter ribbons are available online at very affordable prices. I hope you find the best gift your dad!!


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