Dorm More Energy Efficient

Dorm life can seem challenging as not everyone has the same on-campus living experience. But this is the time where you get to realize how much power you have as you can even make your dorm greener. Conserving energy is more important today than it has been and you can do your part and make a difference.

  1. Dorm Life: What To Expect

Your dormitory will provide you with all the living essentials you need but it is also an awesome environment where you can grow as a person. Not everyone has the same on-campus living experience, but there are a few things you can do to make it into a memorable experience. The key is in knowing what to expect.

Learn the rules

Some dorms don’t allow microwaves, refrigerators or electric kettles, because of fire hazards. Some enforce quiet hours to make sure everyone is getting enough sleep. Knowing these rules will save you from fines later and unpleasant experiences.

Make an effort to get along with your roommates

Roommates can be your best friends or your worst enemies. They can also be your best friends that turn into your worst enemies because living with even someone you adore in a small space is challenging. To avoid the unnecessary drama as feuds are bound to happen, it’s best to set ground rules at the beginning of the term. It’s also ok if your roommates aren’t your best friends.

Tight and bland space

Get ready for to live in small living space that can seem pretty sad at first glance, but there are many ways you can make it prettier and more comfortable.

  1. Dorm Storage and Decoration Tips

With a little creativity and careful planning, you can maximize your small space and make it prettier so it feels like home away from home.

Personalize it

Bring pictures of your loved ones, hang posters and bring your favorite blanket or anything that makes you feel comfortable. Make it look like you live there.

Multi-use furniture

Maximize your space by using furniture that you can both sit on and use as hidden storage.

Take advantage of vertical space

Over-the-door shoe racks, over-the-door towel racks, or hanging baskets can store everything from accessories to cleaning supplies. Use command hooks for everything, you can even store stationary in hanging wire shower caddies with command hooks. You can stick magnets on your makeup and hang the products on a magnetic makeup holder.

Make the most of your closet space

Don’t use bulky wooden hangers and replace them with thin felt hangers. Hanging closet organizer is very space-efficient for storing sweaters, jeans, and shoes. Just don’t forget to leave space for a hamper and detergents. You can also save space by rolling your clothing that can store twice as many shirts in a single drawer and help prevent wrinkles.

  1. How To Make Your Dorm More Efficient

Often we forget that we have the power to make a difference within those dorms. While it might not feel like it, there are several small things one can do to ensure that your dorm is more sustainable, not only will you be helping preserve the environment but you will also reduce your Dominion Energy utility costs.

Turn off the lights

It’s often the simple actions such as turning off a light switch that seem to escape a student’s mind. Turning off lights when leaving the room can save a great amount of energy, especially when compiled over a school year.

Energy-efficient appliances

If the lamps are using energy efficient bulbs such as LEDs (light emitting diode), energy savings can more than double. Investing in a power strip is always worth it as one simple “off” switch ensures that any plugged-in device is not draining energy when it is not in use.

Dress for the occasion

Ditching the heater and dressing in layers during winter months can save large amounts of energy so stock up on warm sweaters, socks and blankets. Losing a few degrees on the thermostat won’t turn your dorm into the North Pole and wearing layers won’t hurt you.


It’s easy to get frustrated with dorm living but just remember it’s only one year. No matter how great or how small the effort, any effort to conserve energy makes a difference. Just because you are living in the dorms doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to make a difference and make your dorm greener. Remember, you hold the power!


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