A beautiful, well-maintained garden sculpts a picturesque view of your yard. You want your garden to be filled with healthy plants and blooming flowers. However, will it stay that way for the whole year? No. Different seasons bring different needs for plants. It is essential to fulfilling the needs unless you want your garden to look dry and gloomy in the off-season.

Good maintenance all year round is thus vital. Your busy life might not permit such a strong commitment. So, why not hire an expert 3D tuinontwerp Dordrecht. They provide year-round garden maintenance services to keep your yard tip-top.

Are you still confused? Let’s explore why seasonal garden maintenance services are so important.

  • Planting New Plants: Each season has its kind of vegetation. Mulch beds are required to be planted before winter commences. This helps in providing some insulation. 

Floribunda roses, poinsettias can be grown if adequately taken care of during winters. Fall is the perfect time to add color by planting asters, flowering kales. Spring bulbs are usually planted during autumn. Daffodils, Pansies can be planted during this time. After winter, heat-loving plants like zinnias, lantanas are planted that add color to the garden. 

To keep your garden blooming throughout the year, successive plantations need to be done. It can be a hectic task. Reputed tuinontwerp in Dordrecht is available to offer these services. 

  • Seasonal pruning: Pruning is an essential part of garden maintenance. It is essential to cut off any dried, diseased branches that grow across seasons. It is also essential to enhance the beauty of the garden. It often happens that branches grow sideways and encroach the courtyard area or the walkways in a garden. 

Woody perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs, sappy trees, and flower plants need to be pruned throughout the seasons to maintain the vigor and the beauty of the plants. Seasonal pruning services are offered by Tuinonderhoud Dordrecht. You can relax on your patio while they take charge of your garden. 

  • Nutrition: We eat fresh veggies and supplements to get nutrition. It is essential for our growth. Just like that, plants also need supplements. Soil acts as that medium. But sometimes, additional nutrition is also required. 

Fertilizers are there to the rescue! Fertilizers provide essential nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, potassium, iron, and many more. Nutrients often get dried out during fall or winter. It needs to be replenished from time to time. 

Services for tuinaanleg in Dordrecht provide good quality, organic fertilizers that will nourish the plants and replenish lost nutrients.

  • Getting rid of weeds and pests: Weeds and pests must be controlled. Otherwise, it will eat away the beautiful plants in your garden. Spring sees abundant weed growth. Rapidly growing weeds like dandelions, foxtails, deadnettles, chickweed, Veronicas, and Ground Ivy are examples. 

Much expertise is required to get rid of these weeds without affecting the actual garden plants. Expert landscapers chalk out a weed reduction plan that is well suited for your garden to keep the other plants healthy.

Just like weed control, pest control is also essential. It is essential to get rid of pests because they eat away the leaves and buds of plants. Seasonal garden maintenance programs cover everything under their subscription plans. 

The average cost of seasonal garden maintenance is around $100-$150 per month. The cost may differ depending on the yard’s area, types of plants already in the garden, irrigation system, location, etc. Many garden maintenance services offer discounts and offer as well. 

These are the benefits of hiring a seasonal garden maintenance service. Choose the services that best meet your needs. Talk to garden experts and get your yard maintenance today!


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