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Do you know wall decoration is a very important element? Without it your room looks plain and boring. Wall designing can make your living space even more comfortable and relaxing. Also, everyone feels amazing with those extra compliments coming from their guests.

Many people hire professionals for the same and spend a fortune to create the magic of wall decoration work. Also, not everyone can afford such professional help. If you are facing the same problem then you are the right place. This article will help you to get some amazing home decor ideas for your home. All these ideas will help you to make your home look classy yet unique.

1) Hanging Frames

Selecting right picture frames is a important part for wall decoration. Every picture frame is designed with a pretty shape. It is the design of the frame that does the holding the picture making it look pretty. Not only does a picture frame hanging gives a different edge to the wall but also the pictures remain in good condition due to these frames. Cliche picture frames gives a boring and monotonous look. Therefore try using new shapes that go well with the wall color of your room. Additionally, you can create photo collages with random yet beautiful memories of your family members and friends.

2) Sculptured Mirror

Talking about mirror, everyone understand the traditional use . But, have you ever thought of actually decorating your home space with it in various ways. A pair of large, window-like mirrors gives a sense of balance to the whole room, on other hand use of antique frame for mirror gives a royal touch. It depends upon the theme that you are willing to go for. Many a times people like to mix two different themes and give their wall decoration game a twist.

3) Antique Plates Decoration

You must be aware of this easy yet influential trend. Antique plates decoration needs to be done keeping in mind a pattern that goes well along with the wall of your home. You should keep in mind points like

  • Decorative plates should perfectly complement your other artwork
  • Blending vintage with modern style looks unique and neat
  • Choosing the right color palette
  • Using plates with different sizes

4) Bookshelves Wall
Install minimalist and simple bookshelves to give your home a fuller look. Also by adding shelves, you will only increase the utility of the space. If you frequently face problem adjusting your things under a limited space, these inbuilt wall shelves will help you to solve any such space problem and make use of your home space in the best possible way.

5) Tapestry

Tapestry always prove to be the best companion when it comes to wall decoration. It can be fixed easily with no time and give you a boho yet classy look. There are many ways in which tapestries can be used by you some of which are

  • Hanging tapestry from your ceiling adds a wonderful scenic touch to your room
  • Using tapestry as a headboard, easily giving a unique and significant makeover to your room
  • Turning it into a wallpaper according to your liking you can easily change it as well.

    These were few wall decor ideas that will help to give your home a classy look that you always dreamt of. I hope the article was helpful for everyone. In case of any doubt or suggestion, do let us know through your comments below. Thanks!



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