It is really unknown why people spread so many misconceptions about various things. But they do it; maybe they want to spread terror or just to pull pranks. The result is that people get into trouble and damages are done.

Never Believe In Shutters And Blinds Misconceptions

So it has to be noted that people should know about the various misconceptions especially about outdoor roller shutters and blinds to make the best use of them. The following misconceptions you should never believe in.

The Motorized Window Treatments Are Expensive

A myth that everyone immediately believes is that the motor-powered blinds and shutters are expensive. This would have been true if it was still a new technology. But now every other company is giving their clients the option so it is not expensive at all.

They Are Only For Big Windows And Doors

This is totally not true because the companies don’t want their smaller clients as they also have importance. These companies have a variety of shutters and small window blinds that can be great for small doors and windows as well.

You Can’t Design The Bathroom Windows

The logic that people give is that the bathroom windows are really small and of odd shapes. But it is not true as you can design whatever size of the window the bathroom has.

Maintaining And Cleaning Is Difficult

To your utmost surprise these window treatments are the easiest to clean. As compared to the curtains where they have to be taken off and they are cleaned in four to five days; the blinds and shutter bought from companies like Outdoor Blind Southwest can be cleaned while they are on the window.

Window Trim Is The Right Height Of Hanging

The border design of the window is the right height of hanging the window treatments. But light can sneak into the room through the area left between the blinds and the wall. So make sure that the shutters are installed from a few inches above the window.

Make The House Look Gloomy

The main purpose of the blinds and shutter is to allow a specificamount of light inside. But they don’t totally block the sunlight; so when people say that it turns the room gloomy they are wrong.

Operation Of Blinds And Shutters Is Laborious

The introduction of the motorized window treatments have made the operation of the shutters and blinds effortless. Timers can also be set so that the modern window treatments can open and close at the right time.

They Don’t Increase Aesthetics

When the manufacturing of these first started; there were only white, cream and beige. So it looked a little dull. But today there are wide varieties of designs and styles that increase the aesthetic look of a property.

Hindrance In Outside View

You really don’t have to keep the outdoor roller shutters, blinds and other window treatments closed for the whole day. When the sunlight gets dim or the weather is good then you can open themand enjoy the beautiful outside view.


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