Trundle Bed

In the world of furniture items, there are tons of options available. One such option is, the trundle bed. For those who do not know, trundle beds are small sized beds that can be easily stored right under a larger one. So, if you do not have enough space in your home, this kind of single bed can be really efficient and helpful. Without occupying the space of a double bed, you can conveniently purchase a single trundle bed and make your living space look more organized and atheistically appealing, as well.

Talking more about the trundle beds, the one that is stored at the bottom is comparatively smaller in size, and the base of the bed is fitted with casters or rollers. As a result, one can easily pull out and push in the bed under the larger bed. In addition, one can move the bed easily from one room to another.

Benefits of having single trundle bed

  • For the kids, these beds are undoubtedly the best option. Single trundle beds are quite popular among kids, because they find this concept of rolling out the bed fascinating, and small size of the bed also suits their size. So, the trundle beds easily get their attention. Moreover, as a parent you will not have to spend a lot of time in organizing the bed of your kids. Once they leave the bed in the morning, you simply have to push it inside the larger bed.
  • As kids grow up, their personal belongings also increase in numbers; such as, their books, toys, CDs, etc. So, the issue of space crunch certainly becomes a matter of worry for the parents. In such cases, parents can go with the idea of purchasing a trundle bed and make optimum use of the space available.
  • Another good reason to purchase single trundle bed is that sometimes our guests have to stay over-night in our home. In such case, if there isn’t any extra bed available, it can be a matter of embarrassment for the hosts. Sometimes, even kids invite their friends to spend the night with them at their home. In such cases, having a couple of single sized trundle beds can be of a great help. These beds do not cost a lot, and nobody will get a clue that there is another bed stored right under the larger one. In this way, you will not have to make your guests feel uncomfortable.
  • If you browse through the online stores, you may come across trundle beds that offer storage cabinets. As a result, it becomes even more convenient to store items like blankets, pillows, toys, books, etc. inside the trundle bed, without facing any kind of issue. Plus, it will also make your living space look more organized and neat, as well.

So, these are some of the major benefits of having a single trundle bed in your home.

How to purchase the right trundle bed?

There are few important things to know when it comes to purchasing single sized trundle beds. The frames certainly matter a lot. It would be better if you spend your money on trundle beds having metal or wooden frame. Oak and mahogany are the two good options available in this case. On the other hand, aluminium alloys are mostly used in the mental category.

The quality of mattress used in the trundle bed should also be taken into consideration. Memory foam mattress is usually much better as compared to the innerspring model. There are numerous brands available. Hence, you must not forget to compare the price and the material quality. Online reviews can be helpful in this regard.


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