plastic indoor plant pots

Flower pots are very much necessary if one wants to add some greenery in their houses. In fact, most people are inclined to do that because when the surrounding is full of concrete and grey with pollution; one needs a stroke of oxygen in their life.

One can buy cheap plastic flower pots from online stores because they are easy to maintain and are available in various colours. There are various materials as well with which the flower pots can be made of. One can get to see a lot of styles and designs and one can choose their flower pots according to their preferences.

Here are some design ideas that one can think of:

Freestanding Planters

These kinds of flower pots are very much in common and they are also necessary to get the desired look that one wants in their backyard. Freestanding planters are simple and they can stand upright from the ground surface. They can be placed easily and they are available in varieties of materials, styles, shapes and colours.

Hanging Planters

They are the ones which most people are fond of. They can give a foreshadowing effect to the freestanding planters. One can have hanging planters made from different materials and colours. They are usually smaller and they can vary in colour and style. These planters can also be hanged with a matching chain. The chain can be connected to a plant bracket and then they are mounted to the surface. They can be latched onto something.

Mounted Planters

One can see these designs often because they are very much contemporary. They are mostly used in indoor settings so that they can accent the interior accessories and furniture. These planters are mounted to an upright surface; mostly on a wall. There are other mounting options as well. One can also mount them on other surfaces apart from the wall to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Elevated Planters

One can find these planters mostly on outdoors. But they can be used as a luxurious design as well. These planters are mostly elevated from the ground up and the reset above portion can be connected either right above or diagonally.

Multi Combo Planters

They are very much common and can give the yard some modern and elegant vibe. The design is very much similar to the freestanding planters but they come in different sizes. They are usually a combination of 2 or 3. One can place them together on any surface.

Unique Planters

These are the flower planters which are more abstract than any other variations. They are mostly homemade. These plants can be grown into any unique container like a wheel barrow, watering can, sculpture and even a wooden log. This can bring in various designs and they can look different depending on how one wants to set them up.

One can always check on the plastic indoor plant pots if they want to keep them separate. One can keep them at the balcony or at any corner where direct sunlight is available.


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