House Cleaning Company London

If you’re looking for your usual summer house cleaning tips, turn to some other page. Here you will find some of the most common problems that you face in your home all year around. Find out what top notch house cleaning London companies would do in a situation like that. If you ask the experts in the city, they would suggest you to take care of a host of appliances and places in your home that collect the most dirt and grime and are surprisingly much overlooked. A typical maintenance regime followed by a well known house cleaning London firm would include the following:

The Floor

No matter whether you have a tile flooring or Italian marble or a brick style flooring, you will need expert care and that can only be ensured by appointing a dependable house cleaning London company. They will start by basic cleaning and always make it a point to clean between the grooves and joints of the stone that makes up your floor. This is very important to ensure 100% hygiene.


Everyone is dreaded of this very beautiful thing that lies on their floors. It is for the simple reason that they are a nightmare to clean and if you don’t have the necessary skills and the much required patience to do the job, you are better off buying a new one. But that is not a solution to this. You can’t be investing in a new carpet every year. So the best way to get them cleaned and keep them that way for a long time is hire a house cleaning London service. But do ask beforehand if they provide these services. Some companies might just handover this task to a specialized carpet cleaning agency. Convey them if you are ready for that kind of arrangement before signing any contract.

The Dishwasher

Do you have any idea how much trouble your dishwasher can cause you if you don’t maintain it on time? It only makes sense and when you see the experts working on it you will know how this one overlooked machine becomes home to stale food, bacteria and all kinds of health related problems and also gets more and more inefficient as time passes by. Needless to mention it will also give birth to bad odors and that will make it even more difficult to clean it resulting in a vicious circle.

 Pro Tip- If you are looking to remove this dirt you can start by cleaning the dish racks with a solution of dishwash detergent and warm water. You can then clean the drain and turn on the dishwasher on its heated setting. Also before you do that make sure to put a cup of vinegar inside it. That will eliminate any bad smells.

Taking Care Of Your Drawers

We all know how our drawers collect all kinds of junk over time. Someone who has moved into a new home would gradually notice this happening to them. It all starts with a few objects. The drawers are new and smooth and often rattle with the very few things that they house but that becomes rare as we begin to settle in. They collect all sorts of articles and debris, dirt and substances and hair and what not! We even store many of our broken things inside them and then we forget about them until of course we are reminded to hire a house cleaning London Company that comes in and does away with all those useless and redundant items.

 Pro-Tip: Do make sure that you take out everything from your drawers, and then if you want you can use a vacuum hose to vacuum out the loose dirt and debris or even if you choose to use a detergent solution and a wiping cloth to do a thorough job, you can. A damp cotton cloth if used carefully and with tact can be quite helpful in coaxing crumbs out of your drawers.


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