steel framing systems
steel framing systems

The time has gone when the traditional home was considered as the only option to live as now multiple options are available for constructing a house because technology is proving beneficial in almost every field. The concept of housing is changed totally as the pre-fab house is proving the best surrogate of the cemented house because it provides a sturdy shelter and all other facilities which are possible in traditional houses but the cost required to manufacture these houses is quite low. People who are living in rental houses usually face a lot of troubles as sometimes they have to leave the place just because the landlord wants to sell that immediately. They also have to pay the handsome amount in advance whenever they have to shift in a new rental house and they go through all these troubles just because they do not have a lump sum amount to build a house even they own a suitable piece of land. More on, high rental payments also make them stressed however they can bring peace in their lives whereas the cost saving is also possible if they set a small budget for a prefab house.

Financial Savings

Cost saving is the main purpose to go to the pre-fab house because it needs only 30% of the total investment required for a traditional house and this is obviously a good saving in cost. The material required for traditional house proves costly as cement, bricks, steel frames, sand, and iron rods are quite expensive to buy and even if you build one floor only, a lot of material is required for construction. However, for the modular house, you will not have to pay for the material because you just have to buy pre-manufactured units from the market which are not very expensive. Now, most of the companies are also preferring pre-fabricated buildings to run their operations because these are good to cut a lot of costs.

10 Percent Labour Cost only

Labour force is quite expensive to hire in Europe as every labourer is paid on the basis of hours he works and traditional houses are usually constructed in a time period of almost four to six months. So, if the labour force work around eight hours each day then it is obvious that you’ll have to pay thousands of pounds to labour force for the complete construction of the house. Now, give a bit of your time to analyze the labour cost required for building a modular house as the pre-manufactured units are available in the market. So labourers do not have to work for months, rather, they just have to assemble the units and join them in a seamless way whereas some underground work is also required for the excessive stability of the house. It only requires one or two weeks to complete the project of prefab house and that is why only 10 percent of labour cost is required as compared to the cost required for the traditional house.


When a traditional house is built, the particles of sand and cement are added to the environment and there will be more dust and pollutants in the air which is obviously not good for the environment. However, a sustainable construction is possible for modular houses as the sub-assemblies and units are constructed in the factory, so the extra material is recycled in-house and there will be less pollution in the air. More on the professional environment of factories allow the better construction of units because the joints will be tighter and the air filtration will also be better. In short, the accurate and flawless construction of units is done within the factory area where waste is disposed-off properly.


The best thing about the modular house is that you can shift the house anywhere without being worried about its condition as a large specific vehicle is used to transfer the house. Suppose, you are getting a chance to buy a land at a beautiful place, so if you want to buy that land, no extra expense will be required because the house can be easily shifted to that place and you won’t have to pay for any type of construction work. More on, the designing of the house will also remain same but the place will new.

Fast Construction

Do you know that prefab house can be constructed within two to three weeks? Yes, it is true that modular house saves a lot of your time and it doesn’t even require a lot of efforts. There will be less stress and hustle you’ll have to face. More on, if you are paying rent for living in a rental house then early shifting to your own prefab house will save that cost too. When you have to spend months on a single project, it is obvious to get irritated but as you know that modular house can be completed within two to three weeks, you’ll love to focus on its designing.

Add Rooms of your own Choice

If currently, the budget is low, you can get two pre-manufactured units only to live. However, when you feel to invest more, you’ll be free to add more rooms or TV lounge of your own choice. Try to choose a suitable size so whenever you need more units, you’ll not have to face any difficulty. Moreover, you are also free to build a second portion on the same house as it depends on your need.


If you are confused that whether a pre-fab house will prove durable or not then try to do a bit of research to clear your perception regarding modular houses. The flawless construction of units makes this house highly durable whereas the steel framing systems make the building shock-proof to resist well during earthquake or wind storm. More on, these units are not just placed on the land rather some necessary work is done underground as well to provide excessive stability to the house.


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